July 14, 2022

Why you searching mold manufacturers in China?

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Look for a mold manufacturer close to your location for reduced travel time. For making a mold in China it is vital to have your own eyes on the mould, and you can follow the guidelines. Mold quality varies from one manufacturer to another, so does the specialty of the manufacturer. Choose different manufacturers for different category molds. A single manufacturer that builds reliable babyplast tools AND tools for pallets and bumpers is hard to find.

Look for someone who represents your interests: getting a mold that works! Tips: The mold manufacturer will not represent your interests but his own.

You will not be present once per week or more often to check the mold, you need somebody you can trust with this task. Somebody like-minded. Somebody who is in control of the process from RFQ to shipping out the mould from China. Somebody who informs you of every step with pictures and reports. Somebody who is like-minded and still understands how Chinese people think and work. We just make your life easier because we are the buffer between the “Western” and the Chinese way of thinking and doing things which can be a challenge for new comers.

I do not recommend to just “find” a China injection mold manufacturer and just try to remotely control the process from 10000 miles away. Your T1 parts might satisfy you but the mould very likely will not because you cannot see that the mold is running with low pressure, not automatically, ejection spray used, the mould steel is not hardened, mold leaking everywhere, etc.

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