July 14, 2022

Why use aluminum instead of steel to make prototype molds

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Here are some advantages and reasons for choosing:

  • Easy manufacturing. All operations in milling, and saving up to 2/3 actual time if made by aluminum instead of steel.
  • Weight plays more important role (example in bigger sized molds and with many loose inserts to be inserted manually, it is easy to handle).

So the Aluminum tooling is cheaper than steel tooling.

Importantly Prototype molds in Aluminum are preferred when parts are required in a very short lead time.

– The molding in the machine is easier because of good thermal conductivity of aluminum
– It is possible to have any type of structuring and surface finish.
– It is also possible to make molds to make more than 100000 shots (in some cases if required). But if there are many loose inserts than cycle times are higher.

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