July 14, 2022

Why companies seeking Chinese injection mold manufacturers

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You might hear from someone that injection molds from China are bad quality, but still many companies are purchasing molds from China, some of them with bigger purchase volume even set their own mold sourcing office in China. I don’t think these companies are all stupid, then why is that?

The answer is China mold manufacturers can produce quality mold as good as Europe, US companies at even lower price, this is why the mold makers outside China lost their jobs to Chinese.

China mold quality is as good as US, if you want to figure out what is the China mold quality, you need to do investigation yourself instead of listening from someone simply, if you really want to have opinion, you should just listen to those people who have many years experiences of buying injection mold from China.

One of our customer says:
Over the past 5 years, we have imported over 200 injection molds from a Chinese mold company. We inspected and tested all of our molds before shipping we only replace one set in those molds. All our other molds ran well when we installed them in our injection molding machines. The quality of China injection molds is as good as many other European countries, you just have to find your way to manage your project and the injection mold company.

Most of people thought everything made in China low quality although the price is very low. But it’s not always true! There is no free lunch, if you just want to spend 1 dollar, there is no way to get a good injection mold. In China, there are thousands of mold making companies. Some of them have the capacity to build good molds, but some do not. You should bear this mind. Once you intend to seek an injection mold manufacturer from China, it’s necessary to pay a visit before you placing you orders. Here’s a list of China mold manufacturers that may suit for your project.

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