July 14, 2022

What to know when buying plastic injection mold in China?

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We are buying plastic injection molds in China during last 10 years. During the first, second and third year, we used to apply the same mold purchasing in China than Europe. Clearly, we found many problems.

At this point of time we totally change our policy to accept new plastic injection mold project for China mold makers and summarize following tips we need to know when buying plastic injection molds from China:

  1. To provide complete inquiries. Complete product specifications and complete injection mold specifications. It include even any small detail as minimum eye-bolt dimension or cooling connector standard.
  2. When the Chinese factories provide us their quotations, they should provide us a draft of their plastic injection mold design. Clearly, if we do not know the structure of quoted mold, we can not take in consideration their economical quotation.
  3. The Chinese mold factory must provide us video, samples photos and mold designs for similar projects that they have done previously.

Through this information, we are collaborating 7 years with reliable Chinese mold makers expert in concrete sectors as pipe fitting, automotive, IML thin wall or others. You can know more by following this buyer guide made by Aco Mold.

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