July 14, 2022

What is Die Casting?

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Die casting is a process in which the liquid metal or semi-liquid metal is forced into a reusable die very fast with high pressure and temperature.Die casting

Three types of injection mechanism
Cold chamber, metals that melt at high temperatures and metals that react with the injection mechanism, aluminum, magnesium and brass.

Hot chamber, used with metals that melt at lower temperatures, initially for Zinc, lead and now being magnesium. Thixo-molding, hopper, Mg chips, screwing mechanism, mainly for magnesium.

Basic process
Molten metal is injected into steel dies, high pressure ensure molten metal fills the empty space between the die halves, while metal is held in the die, it solidifies and cools, when solidification and cooling is completed, the die is opened, then the solid die casting is ejected. Die casting parts are usually made of aluminum, zinc alloy, it’s much strong than plastic molded parts, parts made by die casting is widely employed in many different industries.

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