July 14, 2022

Guidelines of Choosing Injection Mold Suppliers in China

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Before you place your first order to a new plastic injection mold supplier in China, you need to be very careful for the choice you make, which Chinese manufacturer you should go? There are terrible stories, consequence of wrong choices made, that I heard more than once from my friends from west. As a local Chinese mold maker, I would like to share some guidelines with you.

Firstly you need to know what your needs are. Discuss through with the China mold suppliers about the requirements and make sure everything is clear. If you need one million shots automatically run the injection mold, you should be clear what the steel and mold base be used, and hot nozzle included or not, what’s the brand and type, request the details of plastic injection mold information as specific as possible.

Ask questions about what kind of molds they experienced with. The machines equipped and the people hired determine the capabilities of the Chinese mold manufacturer, you should ask if they have that kind of capacity when your injection mold exceeds 10 tons or plastic molded parts exceed 1kg.

Ask questions about the project management process. A mature China mold factory would have well organized managing procedure. A experienced project manager will make a magnificent differences even under the same mold making capacity, it’s important to foresee the potential risks and take actions before happening, a good project manager can always lead the project to the right path. Do they provide manufacturing schedule and admit to follow it? Do they provide injection parameter reports and dimension reports when they deliver samples? etc.

Ask question about the quality control, what measurement equipment’s are equipped? How many QA they have. How do they do quality insurance? I think you will get to know them much better after they answer your questions.

There will be always a little unpredictable when you are trying to do business with Chinese companies thousand miles away, especially the people you deal have so much differences in culture. But I would say if you look careful with an open mind, you will find the most suitable China plastic injection mold manufacture partners like Aco Mold, and it will help you to achieved your goals: competitive pricing and qualified molds.

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