July 14, 2022

Rapid Prototyping

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It’s  very necessary to do verification on your design before rushing into mold making for mass production. Experiences told it would cost a lot and waste much more time to do modification on design and on mold afterwards. So during product development, we need to employed laser rapid prototyping frequently.

Rapid Prototyping (RP) is a quick and economical way to make the sample according to your design, with the sample, you are able to do assembly, appearance, function checking, detect the failures and prevent it from happening. There are many different ways to do rapid prototyping.

CNC prototyping
Max size up 1100mm x 650mm x 470mm, application: processing monitors, large enclosure parts, housing parts, electric case parts.
Advantages: Large size, high strength, good toughness, short delivery time.
CNC prototyping

SLA technology
Application: toy, electric case parts with complex surface
Advantages: complex structure capable, high strength
Vacuum-mode technology
Produce a silicone mold with a prototype part under vacuum, use the silicone mold to clone parts.
Advantages: Low cost, fast, can greatly reduce product development costs, suitable for small volume preliminary trial production.

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