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The promise on quality is considered as our core value, it is the key we maintain a mature and long term relationship with our valuable customers in the past decades, we benefit very much from being recognized as a dignity and quality committed suppliers.

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>>How We Ensure Mold Quality

1. Steel selection

stainless steel

1.1 Special plastic materials

Corrosive resin like PVC or resin with retardant additive require hard and pure and stainless steel such S136 or 1.2083, other steel will get rusty over time.

1.2 Pricing
Selecting the suitable steel, not the most expensive. Using the mold steel which is corresponding to the designed mold life to avoid wasting,  pre-harden P20 can meet demand if 300K -500K cycle injection mold, H13/2344 usually for 500K- 1000K cycles.

1.3 Surface treatment
The surface treatment of the injection mold is also very important, nitriding can increase the surface hardness of the steel and enhance the durability, electroplating can be used to achieve high glassy surface and corrosion resistance.


2. Mold design


A great mold design is decisively to the over all mold quality, not just about making good parts in a period of time, but also taking the mechanism reliability and durability into consideration, it is about the productivity and quality consistency in long term, we do mold flow analysis for most of the new mold to ensure the design is optimized.

2.1 Filling design

fulling system include spure , runner , gating,  cold runner is an economic method but certain rate scrap rates created, the main problem of the cold runner is how to ensure the balance of injection molding, and the size of gate, the injection pressure etc. hot runner system used mostly for long term production molds, it is expensive but has minimal impact on the quality of the mold

2.2  Cooling

Injection mold cooling is very important to molding performance , for high volume production, it is necessary to decline the every second of injection molding cycle to save the production cost, the cooling time usually takes up 80+% of each molding production cycle time, so a balanced and efficiency mold cooling design can make a great difference on production cost.


2.3  Ejection system

Ejection is the last step of a full molding cycles, good ejection system means adequate ejection force, evenly distributed on the part , leaving no mark,or excess material on part surface


2.4  Venting

through mold flow analysis we are able to simulate the flow and filling and predict the potential failures, proper measures taken in design phrase so we can avoid  part defects and molding difficulty at later stage.



3. Mold Manufacturing

quality progress report

Optimized mold machining process can accelerate the production cycle time, shorten the processing time, and save cost. And more importantly, precisely manufactured mold can ensure the stability and durability of the mold in the production process. Machining mistakes can lead to the welding of the mold, no matter how well it was welded, it weaken the mold, unqualified manufactured molds may also affect the mold guidance which decline the mold life greatly, or even worst, incident like worn out, crack, ejector pins breaking off etc means an immediate pause for production and extra cost and time for modification.

4. Standardized mold accessories parts

We all know that how much water a bucket can hold depends on the lowest batten of the bucket, so does the mold, Although mold accessories parts isn’t directly involved in making the molded parts, but it caused trouble sometimes, Good mold accessories parts should be wear-resistant, hard enough, high precision, and easy to accesses when it come to a replacement.

5. Mold assembly and fitting


Mold assembly and fitting is a labor intensive process, it relies on the experience and technique of mold makers, great mold makers is as important as great mold designer to mold making business, injection mold with flat parting surface is the easiest job to assemble and fit, mold assembly and fitting for complex geometry parting surface and complex structure with multiple sliders, lifters, can be very time consuming and technique demanded.

A great mold assembly and fitting process can avoid unnecessary mold set up times, you don’t have to set the molds for sampling to see some potential mold machining or mechanism issues.

6. Polishing and texture

Mold polishing is the final step of mold making, a nicely polished or textured finish as required is vital to an exterior plastic parts, it lit up the value of the final products, texture finish can also hidden some slight welding line defect; a smooth polish on mold surface or deep rib area will guarantee success demolding and avoid molded parts damaged or marks caused by excess ejection force.

mold polishing

>>How We Ensure Plastic Parts Quality

QC inspection

1. Raw material
We use only verified resin suppliers, each bag of the new resin must be traceable and identified, during sampling process, we provide also samples for customers’ approval.

2. Confirm the key measurements, appearance, function ,assembly, test method and other inspection requirements of the plastic parts with the customer for quality control in the sampling process,  establish the acceptance standards with our customers for mass production,  During production, the operator and quality inspector implement the inspection according to the standard to ensure product quality is well controlled. View Inspection report

3. Ensure the injection molding machine and the mold is in good condition. Before launching up the mold, check whether the mechanisms and the core and cavity surface of the mold are in good condition.

4. Before starting the injection machine, the operator must be ensured of good understanding of machine operation, processing, packaging requirements, each batch of production must follow approved and consistency standards..

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