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With rich experiences in product design and material, our professionals can help you to determine the most proper material for your project, with all aspects take into consideration, material properties, product application, functionality requirement fulfill, cost, manufacturability, we help you to make easy decision.

01 ABS

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene comes with excellent impact resistance and rigidity. To maintain lasting durability, ABS polymers also withstand various acids, alkalis, and oils. Having good material flow and using less energy to produce, ABS is a low-cost option that is easy to acquire.

Easily processed and resistant to chemicals, ABS is applicable for consumer goods and automobile parts, such as enclosures and covers for wheels.

02 Acrylic (PMMA)

A reliable substitute for glass, acrylic transmits light effectively than glass or other plastics while providing greater safety by being shatterproof. High resistance to UV light and weathering helps PMMA fare well under long-term exposure.

PMMA’s scratchproof surface and transparency make it an excellent material for lenses, casings, windows, and other outdoor applications. Given its unlimited color choices, we can make car windows in any color, adding diverse styles based on the latest trends.


Stiff, high-density polyethylene is resilient against acids, bases, and impacts. Along with a fair resistance to shrinkage, our HPDE has excellent material flow and can be formed into various shapes to work in different applications.

Being easy to process and a clean surface, our HDPE is safe to use for food-grade products, as well as pipe fittings, buckets, and toys.

04 POM

Polyoxymethylene (POM) is an engineering plastic with excellent performance, it has high hardness, strength and rigidity, good self-lubrication and good fatigue resistance in a wide range of temperature and humidity. It is flexible and has good chemical resistance. At a lower cost than many other engineering plastics, POM is replacing some markets traditionally occupied by metals, such as zinc, brass, aluminum and steel to make many parts, widely used as sliding and rotating mechanical parts,  gears, levers, pulleys, sprockets etc. many applications where it requires strength and durability.

05 Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is a glass substitute with greater impact resistance, UV protection, and weatherproofness that maintains its colorful exterior for long periods. The insulation properties of PC also help the material withstand extreme temperatures.

Along with being lightweight, polycarbonate is easy to cut and shape, quick to install and transport around. As such, PC is a readily available material used to produce containers, light covers, lenses, among others.

06 Polypropylene(PP)

A low-cost alternative to most materials, polypropylene comes with high resistance to impacts and thereby lasts longer. Even when ineffective under UV exposure, this material is wear-resistant, making it safe for use and easier to make into molds or parts.

Being food-grade, polypropylene can be applied for consumer goods and medical products due to its sanitary properties. When you are looking for a low-cost, safe option for molding, our polypropylene is readily available from our reliable supply line.

07 TPU + TPE

Resistant to many conditions, such as wear, abrasion, and moisture, our thermoplastic polyurethane maintains a clean surface to protect from oils and chemicals. Having high elasticity makes TPU usable for 3D printing and to be formed to different shapes while retaining its structure.

A medium-strength resin with great resilience, TPU works as material for automotive instrument panels, medical devices and other applications.

08 Nylon + GF

Nylon GF is a rigid glass-filled nylon 12 material used for real-world testing and functional end-use parts. This material has excellent mechanical stiffness, superior demensional stability, and nice surface finish. Nylon GF can also perform at elevated temperature environments making it a good choice for some thermal testing applications.


PVC thermoplastics are available in a variety of durometers, from soft and flexible to hard and rigid, making the material suitable for a wide range of applications. … All PVC types/grades exhibit excellent dimensional stability, making them ideal for injection molding.

10 PPS

PPS has very high mechanical strength, excellent in compressive and shear properties. In high temperature and high humidity environment the volume resistivity remain stable over time, and it has stable dielectric strength, excellent characteristics as an insulating material.

PPS is widely used in automotive engine peripheral parts, electrical parts in hybrid/electric vehicles, smartphones, and mixing faucets in bathrooms and toilets.

11 Nylon Plastic (PA)

With high melting temperature and low friction, and high tensile strength, Nylon plastic (PA) is a synthetic thermoplastic polymer commonly used in injection molding applications. It’s a versatile, durable, flexible material often applied to as a more affordable alternative other materials like silk, rubber, and latex.

The chemical composition of Nylon gives it a high melting point, making it an excellent alternative to metal components in high-temperature environments, like car engines and other types of high-friction machinery.

12 Silicon Rubber

Silicone rubber is a highly active material with high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, stable chemical properties, and high mechanical strength. It is mainly used for silicone industrial accessories, buttons, silicone gifts, silicone bracelets, and silicone watches, key case, mobile phone case, silicone kitchen utensils, silicone mat, ice tray, cake mold and so on.

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