Our injection molding shop equipped 12 sets of robot-aid plastic injection molding machines, range from 100 ton to 650 ton, we are experienced with a wide range of plastic resin processing includes ABS, PC, PP/PE, PA, PMMA, POM, TPE, PVC,AS etc, our team implement strict quality control process and provide quick turn around services to meet cutomer’s varies demand in short notice.

Customize Solution Exclusively for Your Injection Molding Project

Starting from mold design,we take the injection molding needs into consideration, each of the injection molding project is exclusively customized for certain customers,our goal is prensent you the most proper solution to meet your exact demand, it means the most economic mold solution, shortest possible molding cycle time, minimum maintenance cost etc, we promise our customer that no quantity is too small to do, Low volume production order is wecolme,Aco Mold mold experts help the customer to find the balance bettween the upfront mold making cost and injection molding efficiency, and achieve the most optimized production solution.

Injection Molding Manufacturing Project
Plastic injection molding

Back up by excellent in-house mold making capacity

Our service start with mold making, unlike many other injection molders who have to seek support from external mold factory for mold making, we firstly are an injection mold makers, we think in-house mold making capacity and high quality injection mold is vital to injection molding production proformance and molded parts, our mold making team can make 30+ sets of molds monthly and react immdiately for any mold modification or troubleshooting, this is the garantee for us to provide excellent service.

Serving a wide range of indutrials

Injection machine: 80 to 650 Tonange

Part size: 5 mm to1200mm

Part weight: 1g-4500g

Material: ABS, PC, PC/ABS, AS, PP/PE,TPR/TPE,PMMA, POM, PVC, Zinc Alloy and Alumilum Alloy for die-casting, High temperature resin PPS,PPO etc

Applications: consumer electronic,household, auto, medical and food, agriculture,toys,lighting etc 

Injection Molding Production Capacity
Our Certificates

Quality Guarantee

Aco Mold is a ISO9001:2000 certified plastic injection mold company in China,  well organized management system and proffesional quality team ensure us to provide high quality molds and molded plastic parts for global companies.

Each set of injection molds are thoroughly verified and inspected pior to shipping to ensure it is trouble-free for mass production in our customers’s factory,  we provide free replacement or cover the cost for rework  within warranty cycles.

Each batch of plastic parts come out with material specification,inspection report to ensure no deveiation with the  golden samples and align to the approved acceptance standard that have been established pior to mass production.

Understanding the Basics of Plastic Injection Molding Process

Plastic injection molding process begins with the gravity feeding of polyolefin pellets from a hopper into the plasticating /injection unit of the molding machine. Heat and pressure are applied to the polyolefin resin, causing it to melt and flow. The melt is injected under high pressure into the mold. Pressure is maintained on the material in the cavity until it cools and solidifies. When the plastic part temperature lower than the material’s distortion temperature, the mold opens and the plastic part is ejected.

The complete injection process is called a molding cycle. The period between the start of the injection of the melt into the mold cavity and the opening of the mold is called the clamp close time. The total injection cycle time consists of the clamp close time plus the time required to open the mold, eject the plastic part, and close the mold again, the injection molding machine transfer the resin into molded parts through a melt down, injection, pack, and cool down cycle. A plastic injection molding machine includes the following major components as below.Plastic injection molding system

Injection system: feed the raw materials into cylinder, heat up and melt it down, push the melted materials into the cavity through the spure.
Hydraulic system: to provide the force of injection.
Mold system: to load and assemble the mold.
Clamping system: to provide packing force.
Control system: to control action, cooling system.

Clamping force is commonly used to identify the capacity of the plastic injection molding machine, other parameters include shot volume, injection rate, injection pressure, screw, layout of inject bar, mold size, and the distance between tie bars. Plastic injection molding machines can be divided into several categories, besides general-purpose machines for normal plastic parts without high precision or unusual design, there are tight-tolerance machines especially for high precision parts, and high-speed machines for thin-wall parts.

A whole injection molding process includes following six steps

1) The mold closes and the screw begins moving forward for injection.
Injection beginning

2) Filling, eject melted raw materials into the cavity.
Filling materials

3) Pack, the cavity is packed as the screw continuously moves forward.
Mold cavity pack

4) Cooling, the cavity cools down as the gate freezes off and closed, the screw begins to retract to plasticize material for the next cycle.
Injection molding cooling

5) Mold open and part ejection, the mold opens and parts are injected out by ejection system.
Mold open

6) Close, the mold closes and the next cycle begins.
Mold close

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