July 14, 2022

Plastic Injection Molding for Toys

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Many plastic toys are made through injection molding, toys made in plastic have advantages of good strength, light weight, colorful decoration, complex design are possible, economic. China is the biggest plastic toys market, as well as the biggest producer, Many world famous plastic toys producer established their research center and manufacturing facilities in China, such as Hasbro, Lego, Mattel.

Plastic toy transformer Plastic toy truck
Plastic toy transformer, produced by Hasbro Plastic toy truck, produced by Lego

Injection Mold for Plastic Toys
Plastic toys mold produced in China follow the local standards, the injection mold is required to made as cheap as possible as long as it produces the demanded quantity plastic parts. Usually plastic toys do not require high precision, so does the mold, family made mold is recommended.

Injection Molding for Plastic Toys

High volume injection molding production requires Class 101 molds, hot nozzle and automatic production design are recommended to minimize the molding cost, when you decide to add recycle plastic material, be careful about the density and strength it might affect. Toy parts always have colorful appearance, the color powder mix ratio and injection molding parameter must be fixed, otherwise, the color of each batch parts would have un-accepted deviation.

Injection molded plastic toys parts usually require secondary process, like painting, coating, printing, if you are looking for a plastic injection molding factory to do your toy parts, do work with a molding factory who has capability to provide one-stop services, like Aco Mold, so you could minimize the scrap rate and risks.

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