July 14, 2022


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molds We are capable of a wide variety of mold structure, familiar with standards of HASCO and
DME, our moulds have a wide range of product application. Auto spare parts, lighter, electronic product
case, coffee machine housing, foot container, filter housing, gardening tool etc.

Mold structure: lifters, slider action, floating cores, reinforce release, 2 times
ejection, double injection etc.

Capacity: 1 million molding cycles guaranteed or lower volume as demand.

Mould Cavity: single cavity mold/multiple cavities.

Mould Steel: 1.2344.H13,S136, 1.2312,1.1730, copper.

Design Software: Pro-Engineer, UG, solidwork Auto-CAD.

Gate: tunnel gate, fan gate, hot runner direct gate , value pin gate.

Equipment: CNC, wire cut, EDM, grinding machine, milling machine.

Delivery Time : 4 weeks after deposit and 2d mold structure layout approved.

Payment Terms: T/T 50% with PO, 30% with T1 molded sample, 20% upon approval or other ways
negotiated by both side.

Transportation: air shipping, sea shipping, worldwide express services available.

Packaging: sealed with vacuum bags to prevent from water and air, standard wooden box to
protect from damage.

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