July 14, 2022

Moldflow 2014

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Many things have changed and hopefully many new things will be added in Moldflow 2014 which will give the Designer and Mold designer freedom to make decision based on actual calculation.

Main Modifications which we all are waiting:
1) Easy to import many steel parts present in mold including hot runner
2) Easy meshing no problem with complex cooling system
3) Meltflipper effect
4) Multicycle simulation (which will help us to determine the color change) now the Production setup solver gives us that but without heating phase
5) Automatic generation of cooling and Runner as a solid part
6) Post shrinkage for 3 D mesh and may be effect of water absorption imp for PA 6 and PA66
7) Improved Venting analysis where actually the air pressure and where my air is going inside the cavity is included in the Flow solver
8) Better weld line and air trap calculations

Current Moldflow advantages are also imp
1) long glass fiber orientation
2) Core shift analysis injection compression analysis gas injection molding and some other analysis.
3) Gate location analysis
4) Fill Preview analysis
5) Fast simulation
6) Cool FEM and so on

So to make a decision you take you are own time and think about what you want to simulate. All I will suggest it to wait for Moldflow 2014 because Moldflow is the first software but for last 2 years the development are coming but the need of Hot runner and Mold making ppl are not satisfied fully because of Autodesk and all the internal things going around.

So I will suggest you to wait for 2014 and improve you are basics and try to balance the injection molding process which I see mechanically is Clamp force against Injection pressure and Thermally heating against cooling.

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