July 14, 2022

Make injection mold project under control in China

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For injection mold importers, it is always a headache to control the mold making process, as the mold factory in China is thousands of miles away from their companies’ location. Let’s look into this and try to find the best solution.

Evaluated the design and get involved in design phrase
It’s very important to really evaluate the design from the Chinese mold supplier, an optimized design is the beginning of a success project, find the potential design problems and prevent the risks from happening. Predict all the problems and solve it as earlier as possible. A Design For Manufacturing (DFM) report is definitely necessary at the pre-design stage.

Make a time schedule and track it
From design to final shipping, make a proper plan for the mold making procedure in advance, ask your supplier to update this at least once in a week. A time schedule with actual photos of work piece would be not possible to cheat, you can easily to identify if it’s on schedule or delay.

Call out dimension reports/mold trial reports/steel certificate/heat treatment certificates/CPK/video…
To get really qualified injection molds, it’s not enough to approve plastic samples, samples can be modified without notification. Flash can be removed by hands, automatically run could be cheated as well. So it’s necessary to get documents or certificates even video to prove correctness before shipping.

3 stages like above would ensure your mold making project under control no matter where you are, follow specification and stick to schedule, stay in touch with the with the Chinese injection mold company as frequent as possible. You can sit back and relax then.

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