February 18, 2024

6 Leading Injection Molding Service Companies You Should Know About

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In the realm of manufacturing, particularly in sectors demanding unwavering precision and exemplary quality, such as consumer products, medical devices, and a spectrum of other industries, the selection of an optimal injection molding service provider is of paramount importance. Injection molding stands as a fundamental pillar within the manufacturing processes, necessitating a comprehensive understanding of various aspects including the properties of plastic materials, the intricacies of mold design, and the complexities inherent in the injection molding process itself. In this ever-evolving and challenging market landscape, a profound grasp of critical steps and advanced technologies, encompassing mold cavities, surface finish, and the utilization of high pressure in the injection molding process, is indispensable for the fabrication of dependable and superior-quality plastic components suitable for a variety of products. This blog will list 6 leading injection molding service companies for you.

Company NameLocationFounding Year
ACO MoldChina2000
Husky Injection Molding SystemsCanada1953
Tessy PlasticsUSA1973
Proto LabsUSA1999
HTI PlasticsUSA1985
Extreme MoldingUSA2002

ACO Mold (China)

ACO Mold logo

Founding Year: 2000

Main Markets: Over 20 countries worldwide

Key Services: One-stop manufacturing service for injection molding tools and molded production, plastic injection moulding

Specific Description:

ACO Mold, a highly esteemed entity in the realm of injection molding services and situated in Shenzhen, China, has been at the vanguard of setting industry benchmarks since the year 2000. Recognized for its comprehensive, integrated manufacturing services pertaining to injection molding tools and production, ACO Mold demonstrates adept proficiency in catering to the varied requirements of clients across a multitude of sectors. The cornerstone of its renowned reputation lies in its exceptional manufacturing prowess. Annually, ACO Mold is responsible for the fabrication of 300 mold sets, utilizing an array of over 30 distinct types of plastic materials and flaunting an impressive 15-ton manufacturing capacity. This adaptability is further amplified by their extensive selection of injection molding machines, which range from 80 to 650 tons, thus enabling them to fulfill a broad spectrum of market demands. Their active participation in over 1000 novel projects, right from their genesis through to full-scale production, is indicative of their profound insight into market dynamics and unwavering dedication to client success.

ACO Mold’s offerings extend beyond mere production, encompassing all-encompassing support throughout every project phase. Clients are availed of complimentary consultations addressing various aspects such as manufacturing methodologies, selection of materials, surface treatment options, and tailored mold solutions specifically for injection molding. Their approach to design optimization is strategically aimed at achieving cost-effective manufacturability, all the while adhering to the requisite functional specifications. Their in-house capabilities in mold manufacturing are a testament to their commitment to rapid turnaround. This dedication to quality is manifest in their stringent quality control protocols and the deployment of robot-assisted injection molding for the expeditious processing of small batches. Placing a strong emphasis on material superiority, ACO Mold collaborates exclusively with certified resin suppliers and eminent steel brands, ensuring the highest standard of component quality. Their exhaustive mold validation procedure, inclusive of CMM reports, cooling line testing, and CPK reports, guarantees impeccable operation and exceptional product quality, thus cementing ACO Mold’s position as a revered and innovative frontrunner in the injection molding service industry.

Husky Injection Molding Systems (Canada)

Husky Injection Molding Systems logo

Founding Year: 1953

Main Markets: Worldwide

Key Services: Injection molding systems, services, and parts; hot runners

Specific Description:

Husky Injection Molding Systems, an innovator par excellence in the realm of injection molding technology, has been steering the industry since its inception in 1953. Esteemed as a global technological vanguard, Husky has become a byword for unparalleled excellence in the medical and packaging sectors. Embarking on a journey that has spanned over six decades, Husky’s narrative is one characterized by relentless innovation and an unwavering commitment to fulfilling the quintessential needs of the global populace. Boasting a formidable workforce ranging from 1,001 to 5,000 professionals, Husky’s operational footprint extends over more than 40 strategic locations worldwide, effectively serving a diverse clientele in upwards of 140 countries. This extensive global outreach is a testament to their profound influence and steadfast commitment to addressing the multifarious requirements of their international client base.

Husky’s domain of expertise transcends the confines of plastic injection molding; they are equally celebrated for their state-of-the-art hot runners and controllers, along with their comprehensive injection molding systems. A cornerstone of their operational ethos is a deep-seated commitment to sustainability, manifest in their strategic utilization of sustainably sourced feedstocks and a focus on material reuse. Significantly, their exclusive deployment of medical-grade polymers is emblematic of their unwavering dedication to safety and quality standards. Such an approach not only resonates with their objective of endorsing a circular economy but also solidifies their reputation as a progressive and visionary leader in the industry. Husky’s fusion of avant-garde technology with a profound dedication to environmental stewardship uniquely positions them in the marketplace, poised to confront future challenges while perpetuating their legacy of innovation and superlative performance.

Tessy Plastics (USA)

Tessy Plastics logo

Founding Year: 1973

Main Markets: North America, Europe

Key Services: Custom injection molding, contract manufacturing, assembly

Specific Description:

Tessy Plastics, established in 1973 and headquartered in Skaneateles, NY, is a global leader in injection molding and custom automated assembly solutions.

Tessy’s technical prowess is showcased in their wide range of injection molding technologies, including traditional injection molding, micro-molding, insert overmolding, 2-shot injection, cube, stack, needle overmolding, vertical molding, gas-assisted, in-mold labeling, and liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molding. Their fleet of over 400 injection molding machines, featuring various cavitation capabilities, allows them to tailor manufacturing solutions for any product in the medical, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, or consumer markets. Their machine tonnage ranges from 3 to 720 tons, providing capacity across all press sizes. Tessy’s partnership with world-class molding machine manufacturers ensures the use of the latest industry technologies. This is particularly evident in their micro-molding capabilities, where they excel in tight tolerance applications, boasting over 40 micro-molding machines suitable for various applications. Tessy’s micro-molding prowess includes total tolerances as tight as 0.0005 inches, injection weights as small as 0.07 ounces, horizontal and vertical molding, and integration of micro-presses into automated assembly equipment.

As an industry leader in high-volume liquid silicone rubber (LSR) manufacturing, Tessy is rapidly approaching the operation of 10 LSR injection molding machines, producing over 200 million parts annually. To support their LSR programs, Tessy offers mold cavities up to 64, high-precision dosing systems, R&D support for LSR alternatives to traditional materials, including polyisoprene, and integration into automated assembly lines through proprietary part feeding systems. Tessy’s extensive capabilities and innovative approach position them as a versatile and reliable partner in the injection molding industry, capable of meeting the diverse needs of their clients in medical, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, and consumer healthcare markets.

Proto Labs (USA)

Proto Labs logo

Founding Year: 1999

Main Markets: Global

Key Services: Rapid prototyping, custom injection molding, 3D printing, CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication

Specific Description:

Proto Labs, established in 1999 in the USA, has emerged as a comprehensive digital manufacturing resource, bridging the gap from prototyping to production with a suite of services that includes injection molding, CNC machining, 3D printing, and sheet metal fabrication. The company stands out in the global market with its workforce of 1,001-5,000 people, emphasizing its substantial scale and capability. Proto Labs is especially renowned for its rapid prototyping services, where small-scale molded parts can be produced in as little as one day. This agility is a testament to their commitment to meet the dynamic needs of industries like automotive, aerospace, and medical devices. They offer both rapid and standard turnaround times for components sized between 0.5 inches x 0.5 inches and 4 inches x 3 inches, thus catering to a wide range of part sizes and complexities, including custom parts through their Plastic Injection Molding service using a wide variety of plastics and tighter tolerances.

At the core of Proto Labs’ operations is a focus on consistency and quality. They employ scientific (or decoupled) molding techniques to optimize and lock in processing parameters, ensuring part consistency across batches. This approach is complemented by their proprietary automated CMM processes, which pay special attention to dimensions critical to quality. Additionally, Proto Labs provides comprehensive manufacturing analysis, consultative design services, and quality reports such as FAI and process capability reports with each order. This meticulous attention to detail and quality, combined with their rapid turnaround capabilities, positions Proto Labs as a leader in the industry, uniquely equipped to handle the fast-paced and quality-centric demands of their global clientele.

HTI Plastics (USA)

HTI Plastics logo

Founding Year: 1985

Main Markets: North America, Global

Key Services: Custom injection molding, injection mold, plastic mold, product design, tooling

Specific Description:

Established in 1985, HTI Plastics epitomizes the pinnacle of advanced manufacturing within the sphere of plastic injection molding. Their sophisticated facility is outfitted with a remarkable ensemble of machinery, including 25 Krauss Maffei injection molding machines, 5 Sodick press machines, and a formidable 1,420-ton Engel press. These machines, with a tonnage spectrum ranging from 55 to 1,800 tons, underscore HTI Plastics’ capability to accommodate an extensive array of production requisites. Situated in Nebraska, a locale noted for its low energy costs, HTI Plastics has judiciously transitioned to all-electric machines, thereby augmenting cost-effectiveness and bolstering their commitment to environmentally sustainable practices.

HTI Plastics’ proficiency is further evidenced in their adeptness with over 25,000 engineering materials that are congruent with injection molding processes, encompassing resins, thermoplastics, thermosets, and silicones. This extensive array of materials empowers them to meticulously calibrate the physical, mechanical, and chemical properties for each unique project. Predominant materials in their repertoire include Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), Polyethylene (PE) — one of the most common plastics used in the world, Polystyrene (PS), and Polypropylene (PP), each selected for their intrinsic properties like temperature resistance and robust bonding capabilities. HTI Plastics excels in fabricating durable components that meet specific requirements for impact resistance and/or rigidity, frequently employing a blend of these various materials. A prime illustration of their innovative prowess is the integration of glass fibers into thermoplastics, yielding composite material solutions that significantly amplify strength. With a dedicated workforce ranging from 51 to 200 employees, HTI Plastics has not only cemented its status as a leader in custom injection molding but also as a trailblazer in material application and manufacturing methodologies, consistently elevating standards within the industry.

Extreme Molding (USA)

Extreme Molding logo

Founding Year: 2002

Main Markets: North America, Europe

Key Services: Silicone and plastic injection molding, product assembly, packaging

Specific Description:

Established in 2002 in the United States, Extreme Molding has distinguished itself as a pioneering leader in the arena of injection molding, garnering particular acclaim for its proficiency in silicone injection molding applications. The company excels in delivering solutions for high-end consumer products and life sciences applications, demanding the use of high-performance materials, including food-grade and Class 6 standard silicones. Their proficiency also extends to the creation of complex multi-material part structures, which include the integration of embedded electronic devices and the intricate process of silicone overmolding on diverse substrates such as plastic and metal. From the inception of a project, clients are actively engaged, invited to contribute prototypes or CAD designs, thereby ensuring a comprehensive alignment of the final product with specific design and performance criteria, including part geometry.

Extreme Molding is acknowledged as part of an elite cadre of custom molders within the United States, endowed with the distinctive capability to undertake silicone overmolding in tandem with both plastic and silicone molding processes. Their mastery spans an extensive gamut of molding amalgamations, deftly interweaving silicone with polymers, metallic inclusions, and electronic constituents, and proficiently applying medical-grade adhesives to the molded assemblies. Moreover, they exhibit consummate assembly capabilities within rigorously controlled environments, notably within a 100,000-class cleanroom facility. Their extensive acumen in compliance with regulatory dictates for medical and culinary applications is instrumental in shepherding clients through the labyrinthine process of discerning suitable substrate choices for overmolding. In parallel, Extreme Molding has expanded its suite of services to encompass silicone HCR transfer molding. This diversification confers the advantage of providing cost-effective silicone material alternatives, as well as the facilitation of customized silicone substances. Possessed of the capacity to enact the fabrication of substantial silicone components boasting complex geometries and notable heft, through the utilization of intricately cavitated molds, Extreme Molding has unequivocally cemented its reputation as an innovator and multifaceted frontrunner in the injection molding industry.

How to Select a Top-Tier Injection Molding Service Company

In the quest to retain an unparalleled injection molding service purveyor, a thorough and judicious appraisal is imperative. Commencing this endeavor, one must conduct an exhaustive investigation into the provider’s tenure and expertise within this intricate domain. This encompasses a probe into their historical competences, evidenced by an extensive track record of operational longevity and a compendium of successfully executed projects. This level of scrutiny ensures their mastery over a wide spectrum of substances, from the pervasive array of polymers to the more esoteric resins, coupled with their finesse in a plethora of molding techniques, including but not limited to insert molding and the thermosetting procedure.

Furthermore, the breadth of services offered requires an astute examination. Opting for a provider that endows a full suite of services, encompassing mold conceptualization, accelerated prototyping, and ancillary services such as post-mold painting or ultrasonic adhesion, underscores the embracement of a comprehensive and integrated methodology. In tandem, a discerning critique of their production acumen is essential. This entails an appraisal of the range and level of sophistication embedded within their injection molding apparatuses, in addition to their capacity to fulfill the precise geometrical requisites of your undertaking within various industries. The demands may fluctuate depending on the industry, be it related to constructing diminutive, precision-engineered components or the assembly of voluminous, intricate structures.

In conclusion, a firm’s commitment to quality and innovation must not be marginalized. Organizations that invest in avant-garde technologies, uphold stringent quality assurance measures, and consistently realize exacting precision tolerances are apt to deliver products of superior calibre. Moreover, their orientation towards sustainability, such as the deployment of environmentally benign materials and methodologies, garners heightened relevance within the ambit of the current market’s eco-conscious predilections. These criteria are vital in the selection of a service provider that not merely satisfies but transcends the anticipations within the sphere of injection molding.


In summation, the procurement of a preeminent injection molding service entity, endowed with sophisticated production tooling and an extensive chronicle of experiential knowledge, is paramount in the fabrication of superior-grade plastic commodities. These entities cater to a diverse spectrum of industrial sectors, guaranteeing meticulous attention and expert proficiency throughout every step of the way, from initial design to final realization. The quintessential methodology for any venture is realized through an amalgamation of advanced technical acumen, innovative methodologies, and a profound comprehension of client requisites, thereby ensuring triumphant outcomes in all facets of the production cycle.

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