July 14, 2022

Kickoff meeting for mold making project

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For each mold making project, it’s necessary to hold a kick off meeting before start. All the project members involved and customer have an opportunity to discuss face to face. A success mold project kickoff meeting can massively reduce the possible failures and rework afterwards.

Here are few topics that need to be brought up or answered.

  1. Ensure all necessary data are completed and authorized; usually there will be 3D drawing for 3D design and NC programming, 2d drawing must be available especially when there is precision requirement, mold factory need pay special attention to the tolerance specified. If any of the tolerance are no able to fulfilled, bring it up to customer in advance, otherwise it would be a disaster when you found it after mold is build.
  2. Check with customer about the resin that they are going to use for production. If it happened to be a kind of resin that is not available in local market, the mold factory needs to come a solution with customer where the resin will come from. In most occasions, customer will accept to provide material for trail if it’s a very special resin. If the resin is special or you don’t have much experience of it, ask opinions of the customer for the shrinkage rate.
  3. Discuss through with customers about the primary design by presenting parting line, ejector pins location, sliders, lifter, engraving, surface requirement etc. this would save a lot of time afterwards for official design approval. Sometimes the product design against the manufacturability, compromise needs to be made to achieve the best result.
  4. It’s important to deeply understand the demands of the customer, it’s a key factor to influence the mold project cost, let customer know what steel you are going to use and how many shorts it guarantees, make sure it fits the demands.
  5. Timeline need to be settled down during meeting.

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