November 7, 2023

Explore the Best: Unique Insights into the 11 Injection Molding Suppliers

injection molding suppliers

In the fast-paced injection molding sector, innovation and efficiency are crucial. Exploring industry leaders, we see a blend of skill, precision, and advanced technology. Take Proto Labs: they’ve cut digital manufacturing times significantly. Valencia Plastics, meanwhile, ensures their products are both high-quality and cost-effective. These companies make significant contributions to manufacturing plastic and rubber parts, influencing global production. They’re not just making parts—they’re redefining how we get the bits and pieces that keep our world running. Let’s take a closer look at these key players in injection molding, whose forward-thinking approaches keep various industries running smoothly.

The Rodon Group

the rodon group logo
the rodon group logo

Founded in 1956, The Rodon Group has stood as a testament to quality in the realm of plastic molding. Certified by ISO, they’ve been a staple in the U.S. manufacturing landscape, providing precision parts across various sectors, including healthcare and construction.

The journey began with Irving Glickman, who planted the seeds for what would flourish into an enterprise boasting over a hundred modern machines, where automation isn’t just a buzzword but a standard. This efficiency is a nod to the family’s hands-on approach, blending traditional values with cutting-edge technology.

They’re not just another manufacturer; they’ve earned a reputation for reliable mold design, toolmaking, and just-in-time manufacturing, anchored by a stringent quality control system that doesn’t just aim to meet the mark but to strike it with precision.

In today’s climate, with a keen focus on reshoring, The Rodon Group’s stance on keeping it ‘Made in America’ hits home for many. Their competitive pricing structure goes to show that quality doesn’t have to cross oceans to be affordable.

Their facility speaks volumes about their environmental commitment. Being a Landfill-Free Facility isn’t a mere title – it’s a responsibility they’ve embraced, leading the charge with environmentally conscious practices.

At The Rodon Group, the proof is in the decades of dedication and a solid track record that stands behind every part they ship out. They’re more than just a vendor; they’re a partner in the truest sense, driving towards a future where quality, affordability, and sustainability are in sync.

Company Card Information:

  • Founded Year: 1956
  • Product Range: Custom plastic injection molding services for various industries.
  • Company Type: Family-Owned Manufacturer
  • Revenue: $20-$40M
  • Employees: 50-100

Augustine Plastics, Inc. 

Augustine Plastics, Inc. logo
Augustine Plastics, Inc. logo

Founded in ’08, Augustine Plastics, Inc. sits in Southwestern Pennsylvania, a spot they chose for its strategic perks. They offer things like custom plastic injection molding and the kind that uses liquid. Yeah, they’ve got those shiny badges — AS9100 and ISO 9001 — because they don’t mess around with quality.

This crowd works with everyone from Uncle Sam to big-league players, and they’ve carved out their place in tough scenes like Aerospace & Defense and Medical. Now, they’re not flying solo; they’re teamed up with Augustine Die & Mold, Inc., part of the Augustine family. Together, they’re a powerhouse, knocking out everything from fancy machining to mold design and quick fixes. Their digs? Pure American manufacturing muscle, decked out to meet a bunch of industrial needs.

Alright, enough with the spiel. What’s the bottom line? They’re in the biz of making things that matter, and they do it with a bit of American flair. If precision’s your jam and you want it all under one roof, Augustine’s got the goods.

Company Card Information:

  • Founded Year: 2008
  • Product Range: Custom components, liquid injection molding, secondary operations.
  • Company Type: Contract Services Company
  • Revenue: <$5M
  • Employees: <25

ACO Mold

ACO Mold
ACO Mold

In Shenzhen’s competitive injection molding market, ACO Mold distinguishes itself not just by covering a wide range of industries — from consumer tech to healthcare — but also by offering full refunds on any unsuccessful mold projects. This policy ensures clients aren’t paid for work that doesn’t meet the mark.

With a track record of exporting over 3000 mold sets primarily to the US and Europe, and with a hand in the creation of over 1000 products, ACO Mold doesn’t just talk the talk. They walk you through every step of the process, from initial design right through to the final product delivery, keeping you in the loop with detailed progress reports. They offer a variety of shipping methods, including door-to-door delivery, though the nitty-gritty of local customs and taxes falls to the client.

The company’s approach is straightforward: deliver solid work without hidden costs or extravagant promises. They’re in it for the long haul, aiming for customer satisfaction over flashy language and hyperbole. Sure, their sentences might not always be textbook perfect, but they believe in keeping things real – real communication, real results.

Company Card:

  • Founded Year: 2000
  • Product Range: Quality Injection molds, consumer electronics, household applications, automotive parts, medical components, agricultural tools, and Consumer products.
  • Company Type: Manufacturing and Service Provider
  • Revenue: $40-60M
  • Employees: 10-50

Ironwood Plastics, INC.

ironwood plastics inc logo
ironwood plastics inc logo

Since 1979, Ironwood Plastics, INC., a member of the CTB, Inc. family under Berkshire Hathaway, has been carving a niche in the plastics industry. Their operations spread across Michigan and Wisconsin, stand as monuments to their dedication to new technologies and industry trends. A seasoned management team, with a collective years of experience of over two centuries, guarantees meticulous execution of even the most intricate tasks.

Their aspiration to excel as a premier custom injection molder for complex projects is buoyed by core values that champion respect, trust, excellence, open dialogue, and collective effort. Specializing in insert molding and engineered various materials, Ironwood Plastics has made a name for itself by reliably taking on some of the most daunting challenges that the industry presents.

In reimagining their narrative, it’s clear that Ironwood Plastics isn’t just another company; they’re a group of dedicated individuals who bring a rich decades of experience to their craft. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of plastic injection molding not only shapes their own future but also molds the contours of the industry they lead.

Company Card Information:

  • Founded Year: 1979
  • Product Range: Specialized in insert molding and engineered plastic materials.
  • Company Type: Subsidiary of CTB, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway Company
  • Revenue: $20-$40M
  • Employees: 50-100

Plastic Molding MFG 

In the heartland of American innovation, Plastic Molding Manufacturing (PMM) stands as a testament to the tradition of homegrown production. With a suite of injection molding process under their belt, PMM tackles projects that range from the intricate demands of thin-wall designs to the precision needed for tight tolerance products.

At PMM, the guiding principle is simple: create value and support job growth here at home. They’re deeply integrated into various sectors, including the industrial scene, the critical medical field, and the day-to-day consumer goods that keep America ticking.

The team knows the devil’s in the details, especially when bringing a client’s vision to life. That’s why they’re big on keeping the lines open—communication isn’t just a buzzword; it’s their lifeline from concept to completion. PMM’s tooling capabilities stretch across borders, ensuring that whether the solution’s local or global, it’s spot on.

Crafting polymer products is no small feat, but PMM’s approach isn’t about shouting their achievements from the rooftops. Instead, they’re focused on the grittier, more genuine side of manufacturing—rolling up their sleeves, getting down to business, and making sure they deliver without the fanfare. After all, in the end, it’s not just about what they make; it’s about what they make possible for their partners and for the nation.

Company Card Information:

  • Founded Year: 1968
  • Product Range: Plastics molding development, various molding services, and assembly.
  • Company Type: Manufacturing Solution Company
  • Revenue: $40-$60M
  • Employees: 150-200

Proto Labs, Inc. 

Proto Labs, Inc. logo
Proto Labs, Inc. logo

Proto Labs, Inc. is recognized in the digital manufacturing space for its cutting-edge approach, which has reshaped the landscape of parts production. The company has harnessed advanced technologies to slash the time required to deliver parts, thus transforming the sphere of rapid prototyping and on-the-fly production. Their systems for quoting and manufacturing are highly automated, allowing them to turn out commercial-quality parts at speeds that were once unthinkable.

Operating in 60 countries with 12 facilities, including 8 within the U.S., Proto Labs has secured a strong market presence. They occupy more than a million square feet of manufacturing space, bustling with activity, where the focus on precision and efficiency is clear. The company supports a diverse range of over 55,000 product developers, and their monthly production figures are substantial. They churn out over 130,000 3D-printed parts, 70,000 machined components, and an impressive 4.4 million injection-molded parts. Moreover, their capacity to produce more than 30,000 unique parts each month demonstrates their hefty production capabilities.

But Proto Labs isn’t just fast. They’re adept at navigating market shifts, helping businesses to keep pace with the ebb and flow of demand throughout a product’s life—from conception to phase-out. This approach ensures clients can seize market opportunities without being sidetracked by production hiccups.

Company Card Information:

  • Founded Year: [To be updated with actual year of establishment]
  • Product Range: Rapid Prototypes, On-Demand Production Parts (Plastic, Metal, Liquid Silicone Rubber)
  • Company Type: Digital Manufacturing
  • Revenue: <$500M
  • Employees: 2000-3000

Murray Plastics, Inc.

murry plastic
murry plastic

Murray Plastics, based in Gainesville, Georgia, has carved a niche in the injection molding sector, going beyond mere manufacturing to deliver full-spectrum plastic part solutions. With a rich heritage in this domain, the company is more than just a factory floor; it’s a hub where design, engineering, and quality control converge under one roof.

This firm is woven into the fabric of Gainesville’s industrious landscape, offering its expertise to varied businesses that seek more than just a vendor. They champion domestic production not merely to preserve jobs within our borders but to meet the high standards expected of American-made goods. Their various materials, including those that are kinder to the environment, reflects a commitment to progress and customer needs.

Murray Plastics sees injection molding as a journey from concept to completion. They don’t just ship out products; they craft experiences, ensuring the road from design to delivery is seamless. Their alliance with the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance isn’t just a membership; it’s a testament to their belief in local prowess that reaches international markets.

Company Card Information:

  • Founded Year: 1998
  • Product Range: Custom Injection Molded Plastic Parts
  • Company Type: Manufacturing
  • Revenue: <$5M
  • Employees: <25

USA Injection Molding 

USA Injection Molding, under the LMT Mercer Group, Inc., merges a practical full-service model with the precision of plastic injection molding. They’ve got a handle on everything from sketch to shipment, delivering an operation that’s just the right fit for any manufacturer looking for that sweet spot of cost-effectiveness and efficiency. You’ll find their main hubs in New Jersey and Ohio, with distribution points smartly peppered throughout the States.

These folks are real wizards when it comes to sculpting single and multi-cavity molds. Thanks to their top-shelf gear, they’ve carved out a name for themselves as frontrunners in their trade. The parent squad, LMT Mercer Group, Inc., comes from the fence and deck playground, and they’ve brought their A-game, diversifying into a lineup that’s now ticking boxes in several industries.

At USA Injection Molding, they’re all about setting the pace. But it’s not all talk; their game plan is built on solid pillars: nailing quality, dialing in on customer service, and keeping the price tag just right. They’re not the type to just drop off a product at your door and bounce. Nope, they stick around, make sure you’ve got something that not only looks sharp but also puts some muscle into your market game.

Company Card Information:

  • Founded Year: 1987
  • Product Range: Plastic Injection Molding Products and Components
  • Company Type: Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Revenue: $5-10M
  • Employees: 20-50


RiLong logo
RiLong logo

Since its inception in Shenzhen back in ’90, RiLong has steadily built a name in delivering precision in the plastic injection game. They’ve carved a niche in markets stretching from the States to Japan, moving beyond borders and expectations. The turn of the millennium saw them expanding their reach, and by 2006, they were not just about plastics anymore – they had rubber in the mix too.

Boasting a family of 300 dedicated pros and a think tank that’s always buzzing, RiLong has morphed into a one-stop shop for industries peering through security cameras, those stitching up medical tech, or homes rigged with the latest alarms. Their handiwork ranges from the drawing board all the way to the final gloss on a product, with a guarantee that they’re not just meeting the bar set by ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 – they’re the ones raising it.

Let’s just say giants like Honeywell and Canon don’t team up with just anyone, but RiLong’s racked up a cool 4,000 mold designs that say, “Yeah, we’ve got this.” And it’s not all talk. They keep their partners in the loop with weekly shout-outs and a customer service team that actually listens.

In short, RiLong’s not your average OEM parts dealer. They’ve got a story, they’ve got the creds, and they’ve got a knack for making their partners feel like the hero of their own story.

Company Card Information:

  • Founded Year: 1990
  • Product Range: Security Camera Housings, Optical Products, Automotive, Medical, Consumer Electronic Products
  • Company Type: Manufacturing
  • Revenue: >$100M
  • Employees: 200-500

Cn-molding (China) Co., Ltd. 

Cn molding (China) Co., Ltd.
Cn molding (China) Co., Ltd.

Established in 1997 in Shanghai, Cn-molding (China) Co., Ltd., has earned its stripes as a dependable mold and plastic injection molding facility. Over 20-plus years, their ISO 9001 certification mirrors their commitment to quality in both toolmaking and injection molding.

Their offerings are pretty comprehensive, spanning from mold design and execution to plastic injection services, all underpinned by the latest CAD/CAM tech and precision-driven machinery. Since becoming a part of Shanghai Tiantan International Trading Company back in 2000, Cn-molding has upped its game, now supplying giants like GE and Walmart.

At the heart of Cn-molding are the people – a savvy team driving the firm’s penchant for innovation and attentive customer interaction. They’re more than just a workforce; they’re the champions of a progressive culture focused on personal and professional ethics. This focus extends to their emphasis on ensuring a workplace that’s both safe and conducive to health – as central to their ethos as their industrial savvy.

Company Card Information:

  • Founded Year: 1997
  • Product Range: Plastic and Plastic and Molded Parts for Various Industries
  • Company Type: Manufacturing and Trading
  • Revenue: >$50M
  • Employees:100-500

Valencia Plastics, Inc. 

Valencia Plastics, Inc. 
Valencia Plastics, Inc. 

Founded in 2000, Valencia Plastics has carved a niche in the injection molding industry. With a suite of better service spanning blow molding and injection molding, they’ve become a go-to manufacturer for industries ranging from Aerospace to Pharmaceuticals. At heart, they’re problem-solvers, turning sketches into solid products through comprehensive support in design, engineering, and manufacturing.

Valencia Plastics doesn’t just sell plastic parts—they’re in the business of exceeding client expectations. This isn’t lip service; it’s their operational blueprint. And it’s not just about meeting standards; it’s about setting them, which is clear from their ISO 9001 Compliance Certification.

Their commitment to quality is matched by their responsibility towards the planet. They’ve made strides in sustainability, not just through words but through actions—like partnering with recycled resin manufacturers. They don’t just see recycled plastics as a trend; they see them as a necessity, for us and the planet.

Now, this might sound like another corporate spiel, but there’s substance behind it. They’re not just churning out plastic parts; they’re shaping the future, one injection at a time.

Company Card Information:

  • Founded Year: 2000
  • Product Range: Plastic Custom Injection and Blow Molded Products for Aerospace, Medical, Commercial, Military, and Pharmaceutical industries
  • Company Type: Full-Service Blow Molding & Injection Molding Product Manufacturer
  • Revenue: >$5M
  • Employees: <25


The injection molding sector thrives on innovation and precision, a fact well represented by the leading companies in the field. Proto Labs sets the pace with its quick production times, while Murray Plastics is synonymous with technical expertise. USA Injection Molding offers a full range of services, RiLong is known for meticulous craftsmanship, Cn-molding for their creative approaches, and Valencia Plastics offers dependable quality at a fair price. Together, these companies are key to pushing boundaries in a range of sectors, marking their presence not just as producers but as pioneers in the era of digital manufacturing.

Their commitment is clear—they’re not just making parts; they’re shaping the future of how industries operate. With a finger on the pulse of market needs and an eye for the latest tech, these firms aren’t just riding the wave of progress, they’re the ones making the waves.

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