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Aco Mold started in 2000 and wants to help you in the best way possible. To meet your exact requirements, we look for ways to save you money, time, and effort. We are open to accepting both high and low volume manufacturing orders. The mold experts at Aco Mold are on hand to help you strike the perfect balance between initial mold creation costs and injection moulding efficiency.

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Multiple Purpose Adaptating: Injection Molding Plastic Parts

Aco Mold has a display of awesome custom plastic parts we’ve done. We always provide plastic components with details about the materials used. We also check to see if they match our approved sample and the standards we set before entering into mass production. This makes sure everything is just right.

Servicing Diverse Industrial
Needs Through Our Injection Molding

Aco Mold uses up-to-date injection moulding technology to make sure they’re really good and have productive efficiency. No matter if your field is electronics, automotive, agriculture, healthcare, etc., our custom molding solutions are perfect for you.

electronic consumer products

Electronic Consumer Products

With the rapid pace of updates and advancements in electronic products, Aco Mold meets customer needs for personalized and distinctive electronic plastic components by offering high volume production and the most cost-efficient, tailor-made mold solutions.

Fittings and Connectors

Fittings & Connectors

We're committed to supplying injection molding fittings & connector parts that are durable, enabling you to meet your production objectives and expedite your fittings & connectors product evolution.

agriculture & gardening

Agriculture and Gardening

Agriculture plastic parts demand high standards in terms of component performance, weather resilience, durability, and reliability. Aco Mold responds to these needs with a comprehensive portfolio of plastic injection molding solutions.

medical and healthcare

Medical and Healthcare

Aco Mold offers reliable injection molding production, no matter whether it's simple or complex medical plastic parts. With a combination of advanced technologies and excellent manufacturing expertise, we can bring your medical products to life in the most effective ways.

Guiding Material Selection for Precision Injection Molding

The appearance of plastic materials vary due to different chemical compositions. Important material characteristics such as durability, flexibility, performance, texture, density, and color must be considered based on the anticipated application and function of the component. Aco Mold is good at choosing the most suitable materials according to the conditions required by different industries and different components.

We are experienced with a wide range of plastic resin processing including ABS, PC, PC/ABS, AS, PP/Polyethylene, TPR/TPE, PMMA, POM, PVC, Zinc Alloy, and Aluminum Alloy for die-casting, High temperature resin PPS, PPO, etc.

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Why Choose ACO Mold:
A Deep Understanding Factory for Injection Molding Indursty, And Also a Reliable Partner

Plant Area

Factory covers an area of ​​3000 m²

In-house Molding

Equipped 12 sets of robot-aid plastic injection molding machines, range from 100 ton to 650 ton


Equipped with 5 engineering teams like project engineers, mold design, CNC machining, QC, mold manufacturing


3000 sets of molds exported, 1000+ new project product development experience in 23 years


Detailed Feasibility Analysis: Essential Prep for Perfect Molded Parts

Aco Mold has 23 years of experience. Before making a mold, we will carry out a DFM analysis(design for the manufacturer). It includes what the product will look like, how it's structured, and what materials we should use. DFM bridges the gap between ideas and reality.

Aco Mold is good at selecting the ideal materials for varying product applications.  We understand hardness is intrinsically linked to the lifespan of the mold, but we don’t just focus on hardness—we also consider the material’s toughness to ensure a balanced outcome.

Detail Steps of How ACO Mold's OEM Injection Molding Services Work So Quick?

OEM services at Aco Mold go far beyond just custom plastic parts production. Our commitment to adaptable and comprehensive solutions makes us an ideal partner to help your business thrive in a diverse and demanding marketplace.

Flexible MOQ

We offer flexible Minimum Order Quantities to accommodate your needs with the most suitable packaging.
Fastest response

Fastest Response

Thanks to lots of experience, Aco Mold can quickly and correctly answer your questions, making sure you get right path for next.
Aco Mold designer design before production

Immediately Modification

Our mold making team can build over 30 sets of molds in a month. Our strong engineering teams can apply fast reaction to any challenge.
Secondary Processing

5 Types of Secondary Processing

From the start to the finish, we help our customers make great products. Aco Mold has everything you need, so you don’t have to run around. Plus, we have electroplating, silk printing, laser, and ultrasonic welding these 5 types of secondary processing services.

T1 sampling

T1 Sampling

Aco Mold achieves a 90% achievement rate from design to prototype in two passes. For mold verification, we provide you with a video, a mold trial report, and a parameters report.
Mold Manufacturing Progress Update​

Weekly Report Keep You Update

During the mold manufacturing process, Our project management team will provide more detailed confirmation of the details to our clients. The weekly report will be a part of it.
Aco mold team

After-Sales Services

We outfit the mold with replaceable parts that can be changed out. If they wear out during the product’s life, we’ll give you new ones for free.

Discover How ACO Mold Proceed the Injection Molding Process

Once an injection mold order is confirmed, we spring into action, following a standard production process that ensures both our team and our customers are consistently aware of the project’s progress. We ensure that each phase of the project transitions smoothly and easily. At multiple points in the process, we are checking to make sure high standards are met.
Injection Molding Process

Back up by Excellent Quality Control for Injection Molding

Unyielding precision and quality are not merely our promise, but the foundation of our service, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

sample checking

Sample Double Confirm

Checking the dimension after the samples are cold down, record the injection parameter and confirm with clients.

Packaging Full Protect

Initiate the packaging design during the sample delivery process, and test the safety of the packaging method during the sample dispatch.


Shipping With Care

Before shipping, the mold will be checked again. If the customer needs to adjust in the middle process, ACO Mold will actively cooperate and ship them after complete confirmation.

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