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We think quality is vital to our existence in the business, hence we established and implement effective quality control work flow in house, your molds and plastic parts are guaranteed to exceed your expectations because of our solid QC policy.

Raw Material Selection: Plastic Resin and Steel

Plastic resin is essential to molded parts’ quality, we start from strict supplier selection and only work with certified resin supplier who are able to supply genuine resin with detail specification.

Lower quality steel than expected will cause serious consequence, so our steel vendors was shortlisted to only a few well-known brand, we provide traceable steel certificate for each set of mold we made.

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Mold Verification

In addition to sample approval, we apply strict verification process to ensure the mold is trouble-free at our customers’ facility, which includes:

In-Depth Inspetion for Every Part

For each of the customization project, we work together with our customers to establish standards for acceptance and quality control, including measurement/tolerance, appearance, assembly test, functionality test, packing, we conduct thorough inspection in processing and prior to shipping.

Appearance Inspection

The cosmetic and aesthetic standards of your injection molded parts are examined and verified accordingly.

Measurement Inspection

You will receive a dimensional inspection report on the injection molded parts of the mold to verify its size and accuracy that is required for specific usage.

Assembly, Functionality Test

With counter parts provided, ACO Mold can conduct inspections by following specific instruction, such as drop test, water proof sealing test etc.

Packing Inspection

The packing method must be proved to be safe for transportation, easy handle, shipping-cost-wise according to design.

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