Mold Design

Combination of the Technical and Experiences

Quality Mold Starts with Good Design

An injection mold’s overall design determines its capabilities, performance, production costs, and manufacturing process. Led by some of the top engineers and designers in our business, ACO Mold design team pursue reliable and functional mold design that guarantee easy-to-machine, high productivity, low maintenance cost.

Great Mold Design Led by Professional Designers

We have a team of highly trained engineers with many years of combined experience designing molds that are high performing, cost-effective and simple to manufacture.

We use UG for 3D mold design and NC programming, Auto CAD for 2D drawings,  accept files in format X-T, Step, IGES, Stl, Prt, SLDPrt, Dwg, Dxf, and PDF.

A variety of factors are considered to determine the best possible mold design.

Professional Team Work to Ensure No Blinds

Mold design start with new project kick off meeting and DFM report to initial all the details and collect information for finalized mold design concept, once DFM report been through and agreed, 3D mold construction will be made and present for our customers’ evaluation

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Mold Designs That Help You Increase Profit

ACO Mold’s specialized mold design process plays a significant role in providing you with tailor-made, cost-effective, and short time-to-market injection molding solutions. Our intuitive mold designs are intended for automated processing, eliminating unnecessary costs while increasing productivity.

Enhanced profitability

With faster production time and reliable mold designs, you can fulfill more customer orders and improve profit margins.

Boosted productivity

Automated production reduces defective or unsatisfactory products, resulting in higher product output with consistent quality.

Low maintenance cost

Our efficient mold designs are specifically designed for easy assembly and disassembly, less risk of wore-out and replacements needs, easy for production switch.


Using a mold design that reduces human intervention guarantees higher accuracy and consistency.


Hear What Our Customers Say

“Since working with Acomold, we’ve been able to widen our consumer base and increase profits. Their commitment to providing us with high-quality injection molds helped our business grow by 40%.” 

-- Melanie /CEO
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