Low Volume Manufacturing

Cost-effective Low-Volume Manufacturing Service

ACO Mold’s low-volume manufacturing service aim for providing a low cost molding solution to tap into rising demands within the market, and achieve a smooth transition from prototypes to mass production, we can flexibly handle your low quantity demand at several thousands or even hundreds without quality compromised.

The most economic solution customized to just meet your demand

There are many ways to optimize cost, a capable and good willingness manufacture like Aco mold can always present you the most proper and economic solution:

Multiple parts grouped as much as possible so less molds needed

Lower grade but sufficient steel

Simplified structure

Manual handling instead of complex mechanism

Base color

Affordable resin that works


And there are also no-injection tooling method, such as CNC machining, 3D printing, Vacuum silicone mold etc ,the goal is choosing the most economic solution and also meeting the exact demand, our engineer team are capable and enthusiasm to help you to achieve that goal.

P03 4 Low Volume Manufacturing

Benefits of Working with ACO Mold

Blind Free Quotations for Every Project

ACO MOLD provide blind-free quotations for your project within 24 hours with all details indicated and cost break up so you are able to see the cost clearly and make right decisions.

Design for Manufacturing Support

We simplify, optimize, and refine the product design of your project, for ease of manufacturing with an end goal of making a better product at a lower cost.

Flexible and Customer Centered Services

Our team work flexibly to response to various request and really resolve problem for our customers, such as an extreme low volume demand, urgent needs arise, new design changes to accommodate etc.

A Proven Track Record

Since 2000, ACO MOLD have helped 200+ customers to get their products off the ground and we have many happy customer feedback.

Check out customer feedback page for more details!

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