Mold Making

In House Mold Manufacturing Capacity

With fully equipped mold manufacturing facility, ACO mold is capable of producing up to 250 sets of molds in house annually, our professional mold manufacturing capacity is the essential of the success of your molding production project, we have established trustful relationship with many injection molder and products companies in US, Canada, Mexican, UK, Germany and Indian etc.

Customized Mold for Maximum Productivity

We design and manufacture the mold by adopting customers’ local standard to ensure the mold can smoothly operated and easily maintained in customers’ facility while producing quality consistent part. Every set of injection mold that we ship out are verified and documented by standardized procedure, we guarantee replacements and take response for any cost occur that is related with mold quality issues in mold warranty life.

P03 2 Customized Mold

Rich Experiences of Many Types of Mold Structure

Various demands from customers and part structure design itself require unique mold solution, we have gained rich experiences in all kinds of mold mechanism structure and are ready to take new challenge.

Advantages of ACO MOLD’s Mold Making

Cost Optimization Minded

While meeting the production demand our team always present you the most cost optimized solution, from part/mold design optimization, steel selection, mechanism optimize, to robot-aided design for molding production etc., we hope to contribute to your project success through our mold.

Quality Exceed Expectation

We use steel and mold base only from recognized brand, such as LKM, Groeditz, ASSAB etc., each piece of the steel of core and cavity inserts is record-traceable with specification provided by steel manufacturer, prior to shipping, we ensure each of the molds were verified by molding pilot run and filmed, all technical files, including mold design, NC data, modification data, molding parameter, measurement report, will be documented and available.

Excellent Project Management

With combined experiences of design and mold making, Our project manager work as your consultant and on-site inspector to bridge the gap between you and the manufacturing site, regardless of the time differences and your location, you always have tight control over the procedure of your molds.

Shorter Lead Time

Besides good willingness of cooperation, it is a system work to achieve shorter lead time, a thoughtful mold design can avoid time-wasting on too many modifications later after, major inserts designed into split pieces allow multiple machining tasks to proceed at the same time, well planned manufacturing process can massively shorten the time of steel-stand-in-line-waiting, fast turn around switching from one process to another etc.

How We Proceed Mold Making

Support Your Business with Better
Molding Solution


Please free no hesitation to ask questions.

A:  It depends on the mold size and structure complexity, typically it takes 3-5 weeks if it is not very big size mold and complex structure.

A: We design processing plan for each of the mold specifically and stick to the plan always, project manager keep you updated for the mold progress with report and pictures weekly.

A: We are a fully equipped injection mold maker, we can do CNC machining, EMD, wire cut, milling, grinding, polish, fitting and sampling almost all process in house, some processes like texture and heat treatment will be outsourced.

A: Right processing design and right equipment are the guarantee of satisfied accuracy, in addition, we have QC to inspect the whole mold making processes with measuring tool such as projector, CMM etc. to minimize errors.

We are proud to share our experience and industry expertise.

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