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Design For Manufacturing

Aco mold aim to providing the most efficency mold solution to meet our customers molding production demand, through DFM(design for manufacturing) process, we help our customer to optimize their part design to achieve cost wise manufacutirng and make the prefect injection molded parts.

Parting, runner/gating, cooling, ejection, demolding, etc

P06 1 mold design team
mold design

Injection Mold Design

Aco mold design team consist of some of the top mold designers in industrial. We believe high performance molds start with a great design.

1. Use UG software for 3D mold design, drawing can be output in STEP, X_T, SOLIDWORKS and IGS format.


2. Capability of complex mold structure.


3. Familar with HASCO, DME, LKM mold standard.


4. End user oriented- design mold for high efficiency production, low maintenance cost.

Mold Making

Mold making typically takes 3-7 weeks, depending on complexity, size etc. We are a fully equipped injection mold factory, handling almost all critical mold maching processes in-house, which includes:
ACO mold machining
trial sampling

Mold Trial and Sampling

Through mold trial and sampling process, we verify both injection mold and molded parts to ensure they meet our customers’ quality standard in mass production condition.

Packaging and Shipping

模具包装 (3)

Various Classification of
Injection Mold to Meet Customers’ Exact Demand

Mold Class Type

Steel Type and Hardness


Production Volume

Mold Warranty

(Molding Cycle)

101 Mold

Harden steel HRC 50-52



One million or more

102 Mold 

Harden steel HRC 48-52

Medium to high

Medium to high

Under 500,000

103 Mold

Pre-harden steel HRC 35-43



Under 250,000

104 Mold

Pre-harden steel HRC 29-34



Under 10,000

105 Mold

No limitation


Prototype parts only

Under 500

Let ACO Mold Help You Out!

Multiple Application of Injection Mold in ACO Mold

We understand the unique demands of each industry, ensuring that every 

product we manufacture meets specific standards of durability, precision, and functionality.


Electronic Consumer Products

Aco Mold keeps up with the fast changes and new stuff in electronics. We meet your needs for unique electronic plastic parts by offering big production runs and really cost-effective, customized mold solutions.

Fittings connectors

Fittings & Connectors

We're all about providing strong and long-lasting injection molding fittings and connector parts. This way, you can hit your production goals and speed up the development of your fittings and connectors products.

agriculture gardenings

Agriculture and Gardening

For agricultural plastic parts, you need stuff that's really tough, can handle all kinds of weather, and lasts a long time. Aco Mold has got you covered with a bunch of different plastic injection mold solutions.

medical and health care

Medical and Healthcare

Aco Mold offers injection mold for medical plastic parts, from the simple to the more complex. We use our technology and manufacturing experience to effectively produce your medical products.

Why Choose ACO Mold For Your Mold Manufacturing

At Aco Mold, we do a lot more than just make custom plastic parts. We’re all about 

offering flexible, all-around services that really fit what your business needs to succeed in a tough, varied market.

Aco mold team

Professional Team

30+ well trained technicians, most of them have more than 10 years experiences in design, manufacturing, engineering.

P05 1 aco mold factory

Fully Equipped Mold Shop

We consistently invest on the machinery to meet our customers’ requirements on accuray, lead time

transparent quotation

Flexible, Fast Turn Around

We are able to help our customers with their urgent needs, typically such as immediate quotation, urgent samples delivery or small orders fufillment, short lead time for mold modification or mold making.

Smooth communication.jpg

Smooth Communication

Our sales representatives and project manager are well trained with injection mold acknowledge, and fluent in English communication.

15. Project management

Project Management

Project manager manage the whole process on behalf of our customers and conduct technical communications, trouble shooting to ensure everything is on the right track.

16. Warranty


Immediate reaction on quality issues to any damage or failure within the warranty time, provide free replacement or compensation of local rework cost.

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