Case Name: Injection Mold Making for Plastic Tubes

This injection mold making project is about a battery tube related product for a US company, this article will help you to understand fully how ACO Mold help you to bring your design into mass production.

Basic part information:

  • Part size: 496.26*37.46*37.46 mm Plastic tube
  • Part size: 52*40.64*14.28 mm
  • Plastic material: ABS
  • Finish: SPI-B1
  • Color: Black
  • Production volume: 5K

A full sets of product consist with a long plastic tube and 2 end caps , annual injection capacity is as low as 5K, to make the initial tooling investment as low as possible, ACO Mold provide solution to combined all 3 components into one injection mold.

Basic mold information:

  • Mold type: 2-Plate
  • Gate type: Side Gate
  • Cavity number: 1+2
  • Material: ABS
  • Shrinkage: 5/1000
  • Molding Machine (Tons): 160T

Before making mold, ACO Mold did DFM and product analysis (Download PPT), and verified some important information with customer, i.e. parting line, gate position, ejection, etc.
Plastic tubes basic mold information

Then ACO Mold did 3D design for the injection mold according to the details confirmed by customer, as below.
Plastic tube 3D design

Because the plastic tube was too long, we have to use hydraulic core pulling design, the production took 4 weeks, we did T1 sample test in time, but T1 sample was not as good as expected. The long core pins was flush to one side by the melt flow during injection molding.
Plastic tube T1 sample

Download PPT of the T1 sample explaination, click here.

To make things right, we block one of the gate point in the middle-which is the melt flow press on most, also we propose to create some little features to hold the core pins.
Plastic tube minor changes

Download PPT of the suggestion, click here.

Molded plastic tube parts

It was proved the minor changes does not affect the assembly function, the modified part was approved happily by customer for mass production.
Plastic tubes mass production

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