August 31, 2022

Injection Mold Making for Plastic Packaging Cases

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ACO Mold are engaged in injection mold making for plastic packaging housing/cases in packaging industrial, usually plastic packaging housing/cases are made in PS or PC, with high polish surface, which required SPI-A mold surface finish, most common choices for steel are NAK80, 1.2083, 1.2344.

This is a transparent plastic lid for electronic product, it is a quite simple but yet typical one. Plastic packaging cases
Basic part information:

  • Part size: 112*112*13.5 mm
  • Plastic material: PS
  • Finish: SPI-A2
  • Color: Transparent
  • Production volume: 200K/ order

Annual production capacity was 1000K, we used 1*4 mold design.

Basic mold information:

  • Mold type: 2-Plate
  • Gate type: hot nozzle + cold runner side gate
  • Cavity number: 1*4
  • Material: PS
  • Shrinkage: 5/1000
  • Molding Machine (Tons): 160T

Plastic packaging case mold basic information

During pre-design phrase, we go through the details with customers for injection mold making, such as parting line, gate position, draft, ejection, etc.

Considering the large quantity demand, hot nozzle was used to increase the productivity and save runner bar resin wastage.
Plastic packaging case mold design

Lead time for an injection mold like this needs around 20-25 days, but given customer’s urgency, we push in the schedule into 15 days, this is a quite a typical situation when we deal with some companies who are in electronic consumer products business, new hot-sell items emerge quick but also fade away quick always, so timing is critical besides the quality satisfaction. ACO Mold is quite flexible on this for our proved core customers.
Plastic packaging cases T1 sample

The rushed made T1 sample are approved to be good, surface quality was the main concerns during mass production, together with clients, we established acceptance standard by defining the surface by A, B, C, standard, the most critical surface tolerance less of scratches and none any other defects, other less required surface can tolerance certain amount minor defects, it is was strictly defined. With the clear guiding, mass production was successful and smooth.
Packing surface identification of plastic packaging cases

Clear Box Lid

Category Description “A” Surface “B” Surface “C” Surface
Minor Scratch Damage to a surface < 20mm in length 4 4 5
Major Scratch Damage to a surface < 5mm in length 1 3 5
Dirt Any visible dirt or black/white
dots < 1mm in diameter on a surface or joint
0 2 4
Cracking Breaking along the length of edges, or when folded, larger than 1mm in length 0 1 2
Oil Mark/Finger
Oil marks and finger prints visible on
a surface
0 1 2

Download PDF: ACO Mold Inspection Report Form for Plastic Packaging Cases

Transportation packing is another critical issue needs attention; usually we use PE film for each lid, and put them into carton box with cardboards inside, then carton boxes go to pallets to pile up, lastly we use PE film to wrap them as one and tie them up, see below a 2D packing design layout provided by ACO Mold and approved by the client.
Packing solution layout for plastic packaging cases
Packing solution layout

Packing for shipping of plastic packaging cases
Packing for shipping.

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