November 7, 2023

The 8 Best of Injection Mold China: Advanced Manufacturing for You

Injection Molding in ACO Mold

The Chinese plastic injection molding industry is complex, with a multitude of companies vying for attention. Each claims a specific edge—some excel in precision, others in speed, and some in the breadth of materials they can handle. We’ll cut through the clutter to spotlight eight companies that stand out, not by hyperbolic self-praise but through their proven track records.

ACO Mold

ACO Mold

ACO Mold has carved its niche in the crowded Chinese injection mold manufacturing market by providing all-inclusive services for plastic injection mold and molding. Spanning a 2,000 m² facility, the company boasts the capacity to churn out 25-35 injection mold sets monthly. ACO Mold’s prowess comes from its diversified engineering teams focused on project management, mold design, CNC machining, quality assurance, and mold production. Over the past 23 years, this integrated approach has allowed them to ship 3,000 mold sets worldwide and initiate over 1,000 new product launches.

The company’s quality-first philosophy is demonstrated through its full-refund guarantee on any unsuccessful mold projects, ensuring clients don’t face unforeseen expenses. ACO Mold’s attention to detail is evident from its design packaging in the sampling stage to thorough testing and exhaustive reporting, including videos, trial analyses, and detailed parameter documentation. Delivery timelines from dispatch to customer reception are contingent on the chosen logistics method—sea, air, or rail—with clients managing door-to-door delivery and local tariffs.

When it comes to purchases for molds and injection-molded products, ACO Mold follows a methodical and customer-focused process. This process starts with DFM mold design and goes through stages like material procurement, CNC programming, machining, heat treatment, EDM processing, trial runs, and several quality inspections up to the final approval. Their OEM capabilities are not just about manufacturing; they also offer adaptable minimum order quantities, swift production times, in-depth technical assistance, and secondary processing services. With an impressive 90% first-time sample success rate and a dedication to customer support post-purchase, ACO Mold establishes itself as a trustworthy and adept entity in the injection molding sector.

So, when partnering with ACO Mold, you’re not just getting a vendor; you’re getting a team that’s committed to your product’s success from the initial design to the final piece. Their track record speaks for itself, and their customer-centric service model underscores the fact that they’re in it for the long haul—not just to make a quick sale.

Company Card:

  • Founded Year: 2000
  • Product Range: Quality Injection molds, consumer electronics, household applications, automotive parts, medical components, agricultural tools, and Consumer products.
  • Company Type: Manufacturing and Service Provider
  • Revenue: $40-60M
  • Employees: 10-50

ACE injection Moulding

ACE injection Moulding

ACE Injection Moulding stands out in the field of injection moulding for their commitment to precision, efficiency, and delivering great value. They’ve earned a reputation in this competitive industry by consistently producing high-quality moulds. Their success can be attributed to their use of advanced machining facilities abroad, which guarantees that every component meets the highest standards.

What really sets ACE apart is their focus on efficiency and customer satisfaction. They’ve optimized their production process, managing to deliver initial samples for medium-sized tools in just 30 working days. This efficiency is further boosted by their skilled logistics team, ensuring timely delivery for global projects. The company’s engineering and project management teams, each with over twenty years of experience, add significant value to every project.

At ACE, the choice of materials and manufacturing methods is both strategic and customer-centric. Their deep understanding of different steels and manufacturing techniques allows them to choose the most cost-effective and suitable options for their clients. They also stand out for their service, offering flexible scheduling for web and phone meetings to meet client needs and ensure tailored solutions.

ACE’s growth trajectory is impressive, with an annual increase of about 10%. This growth not only reflects their ability to maintain long-term client relationships but also their skill in forging new global partnerships.

Company Card:

  • Founded Year: 2006
  • Product Range: High-precision moulds, tooling, and part assembly for injection moulding
  • Company Type: Injection Moulding Service Provider
  • Revenue: <$5M
  • Employees: <25

Richfields Corporation

Richfields Corporation

Richfields Corporation, established in 2001 in Hong Kong, has carved a niche in the injection molding industry. This growth can be attributed to their laser focus on customer service and delivering quality products promptly. Initially, they began as an injection molder but by 2004, they had branched into mold production, catering mainly to international clients. This move not only demonstrates their flexibility but also their ambition.

Producing over 300 molds yearly, mostly for overseas clients or for use in their China facilities, Richfields has become a trusted name in the industry. Their strategy of owning both tooling and molding facilities in China gives them an edge in pricing, making them a go-to option globally. They stand out for offering a mix of competitive pricing, a wide range of products, and effective communication in multiple languages, all while maintaining high standards of quality.

Their Mold Division deserves a special mention. Exporting about half of their molds to various countries like the U.S., Brazil, Italy, Germany, France, Japan, and the UK, they’ve established a strong international presence. Their manufacturing capabilities include CNC, EDM, Wire Cutting, Milling, and Drilling, all housed under one roof. They also utilize Mold Flow Analysis to tackle potential processing issues upfront, ensuring precision and quality in their mold manufacturing. This approach has set their Mold Division apart in the Chinese market.

Company Card:

  • Founded Year: 2001
  • Product Range: Injection Molding, Mold Production, CNC, EDM, Wire Cutting, Milling, Drilling
  • Company Type: Private Corporation, originally a collaboration between Hong Kong investment groups and Chinese manufacturing experts
  • Revenue: >$100M
  • Employees: 150-200



Since its inception in 1998, Sositar Mould Co., Ltd. has rooted itself firmly in the competitive landscape of plastic injection molding. Nestled in Shenzhen, China’s bustling industrial epicenter, this company has expanded its influence across more than 30 countries, testament to its reputable track record.

Operating from a 3,800-square-meter workshop, Sositar Mould has not only space but also the strategic advantage of proximity to major transport networks. The company’s prowess is evident in its production capacity.

Not ones to rest on their laurels, the team at Sositar handles injection mold parts that can tip the scales at 1500 grams, and they manage presses that exert a force of up to 650 tons. Their comprehensive service package includes tailored mold and plastic parts production, showcasing an adept use of web-based tools to streamline the process.

At its core, Sositar Mould steers clear of the fluff. It banks on solid, tangible quality and customer engagement to maintain its stride as a forerunner in economical and quality-centric mold solutions. The company’s focus is as much on crafting precise molds as it is on nurturing client relationships — a balance that’s often hard-won in this field.

Company Card:

  • Founded Year: 1998
  • Product Range: Plastic Moulds and Injection Molding
  • Company Type: Manufacturing and Services
  • Revenue: $20-40M
  • Employees:150-200



UP MOLD, an injection mold specialist, serves the electronics engineering and home appliance sectors with a clear focus on crafting quality. Its quality control measures are stringent enough to secure the ISO 9001.2008 badge, and it’s eyeing ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 13485 certifications next.

Experience runs deep at Upmold, and this is complemented by their advanced manufacturing tech. This duo is their recipe for delivering top-notch products that align with global standards. They’re not just about getting the job done, but doing it well—and quickly. Their facilities, spread between China and an Indiana-based injection molding factory, enable them to serve a worldwide clientele efficiently.

UP MOLD doesn’t just talk the talk when it comes to quality. They’ve got skin in the game with assurances on materials and work processes, punctual delivery, and after-sales maintenance. They keep a sharp eye on their injection-produced parts too, from the raw material they pick to the last package shipped, to make sure customers get nothing but the best.

It’s not just about the mold, it’s about the integrity of the entire process. With UP MOLD, you’re not just getting a supplier; you’re getting a partner who stands firm on delivering the goods without any fluff or pomp. They cut to the chase, ensuring that every interaction adds value and drives action, exactly what their customers need.

Company Card:

  • Founded Year: 2002
  • Product Range: Injection Mold Manufacturing and Injection Plastics
  • Company Type: Manufacturing and Services
  • Revenue: <$5M
  • Employees: <25



Since its establishment in 2011, WIT MOLD has carved a niche for itself in the mold design and manufacturing sector from its base in Southern China. This ISO 2009:2015 certified outfit has not only focused on churning out complete molds but has also shown versatility by catering to sectors as varied as automotive to consumer goods, mobile technology to agriculture, and health care to smart homes.

The sheer number of molds they export — over 200 sets annually — speaks to their capacity and reliability. And over the years, they’ve delivered upwards of 2000 sets, each meeting the specific needs of their diverse clients across North America and Europe. They’re not just building molds; they’re crafting success stories for every customer who relies on their expertise.

Their facility is nothing short of cutting-edge, with technology that’s constantly updated to keep up with the exacting standards of precision and quality. But it’s not just about the machinery. WIT MOLD thrives on a philosophy of being a dependable partner, one who doesn’t just talk about quality control but lives by it with every project delivered.

In practice, this means no cookie-cutter solutions. Each client finds a tailored approach when they partner with WIT MOLD — because in the end, it’s not just the molds that need to fit perfectly, but also the service and the experience.

Company Card:

  • Founded Year: 2011
  • Product Range: Various types of injection molds for multiple industries
  • Company Type: Manufacturing and Services
  • Revenue: $10–20M
  • Employees: <25


Baiwe logo

Baiwe has carved out a significant presence in the plastic injection molding industry in China over the past 15 years. The company’s growth trajectory is marked by its commitment to meeting a wide range of customer requirements, which is supported by a factory that not only passed the BSCI audit but also produces silicone rubber products approved by FDA, SGS, and LFGB. This ensures that customers can place orders with confidence, knowing they are dealing with a reputable supplier.

As a custom plastic injection molding manufacturer, Baiwe prides itself on its production craft, which is backed by full equipment capabilities. This includes 3D printing, CNC processing groups, precision milling, and more than 20 sets of various molding equipment, ensuring that they can meet the high standards of plastic injection molding projects. Their high precision mold-making plant is capable of achieving part size tolerances of up to +/-0.01mm, a testament to their meticulous attention to detail.

Baiwe’s commitment to quality is not just about the initial order but also about consistency across all orders, which is crucial for clients’ business continuity. Their facility is adept at custom injection molding for medical devices and the automotive industry, showcasing their versatility and technical prowess.

Company Card:

  • Founded Year: 1998
  • Product Range: Custom plastic injection molding
  • Company Type: Manufacturing and Services
  • Revenue: $10-20M
  • Employees: <25



Plastopia, nestled in China’s manufacturing heartlands of Shenzhen and Dongguan, has championed custom molding since 2015. The company now offers a suite of services beyond its foundational injection molding, embracing silicone, blow molding, plastic extrusion, vacuum forming, and rotomolding. This suite showcases Plastopia’s resolve to deliver a full spectrum of solutions.

The company stands out by centralizing diverse molding processes under one roof, sparing customers the hassle of juggling several suppliers. Plastopia embraces a comprehensive project assessment, pledging to meet each client’s unique requirements with precision. Despite its modest scale, Plastopia remains committed to an intimate approach, dedicating full attention to every project.

Rejecting the ‘bigger is better’ mantra, Plastopia stays nimble and client-centric. Its allegiance to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction positions it as the go-to ally for those who prize a thorough and engaged partnership in producing plastic components.

Company Card:

  • Founded Year: 2015
  • Product Range: Injection molding, silicone molding, blow molding, plastic extrusion, vacuum forming, and rotomolding
  • Company Type: Manufacturing and Services
  • Revenue: $5-10M
  • Employees: <25


Exploring eight key players in China’s injection molding sector reveals a range of strengths and specialized services. ACO Mold stands out with its all-in-one offerings, simplifying the process for clients, while Plastopia pays close attention to the finer details, appealing to those with more niche requirements. Each of these companies has built a reputation for reliable quality, forward-thinking innovation, and a strong focus on meeting customer needs.

As the market evolves, these firms are not just keeping up; they’re setting the pace, equipped to handle the intricate needs of a worldwide clientele with seasoned know-how. They’re not just options for those looking to manufacture plastic components; they’re strategic partners, whether you’re just starting out or running an established business. These manufacturers aren’t simply another choice; they’re leaders in the plastic injection molding field, a smart move for any project you have in mind.

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