April 20, 2023

Injection Mold Buyers Guide in China

Injection Mold Buyers Guide in China

Buying injection molds or custom molded parts from China certainly will give you cost advantages. One truth that we know is lower pricing become one of the most powerful weapon of Chinese sellers on Amazon, ebay and many other on line shopping platform. More and more on-line sellers start looking for purchasing product or customizing new products directly from Chinese contract molding factories. But different business culture and language barrier make the process complicated and sometime risky. So how to find a good Chinese injection mold supplier?

1, Trade fair

There used to be many trade fairs for professional buyers. For injection mold and plastic molding business, most famous out of many, there are China-plas in China and K-show in Germany. A face to face talk with many injection mold and molding supplier is the most effective way to locate good candidates.  

2, On line B2B platform

The on line B2B is the new trend growing fast. Many injection molding factories has their own website on paid plat form. If you look for buying injection mold and custom plastic parts from China, there are 3 platforms to go:

3, Google Search

In google there are many websites ranked for certain key words, try some related key words you may able to find some great injection molding suppliers.

4, Referral

If you have friends or contacts who already have purchasing experiences in China, ask for their referral is the most reliable method. This will greatly reduce your risk of injection molds or custom molded parts in China.

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