Injection Molds and Molded Parts for Electronic Products

Plastic enclosures, housings, frames for most of electronic products  are injection molded, there are various of applications, most of them require special attentions to appearance, strength, electromagnetic shielding, fire resistance, electrical conductivity, waterproof, etc.,  with our rich experiences in this filed, we can provide customers with assistance in material selection, function realization, prototyping at the earlier stage, in addition to mold development and injection molding production, we can also help customers with secondary process such as silk printing, lasing as well as assembly services.

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The Advantage of Making Consumer Electronics in ACO Mold

Faster Cycle Times

Cut wait times in half with our streamlined automated production process and rapid parts manufacturing.

Tight Tolerances

Focused on delivering quality parts, our precision production techniques guarantee strict tolerance.

Industry Leading Quality

With ACO Mold, you get injection molded parts that are quality inspected and meet global production standards.

How We Build Injection Molded Parts to Support Your Electronic Products Business

01 Quotation
02 DFM & Mold Design
03 Mold Making
04 Mold Trial
05 Troubleshooting
06 Molding Production
07 The Packing and Shipping
08 Reorder Parts from Your Tool
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ACO provide quotation in 24 hours with detailed mold solution and pricing based on your product requirements and budget, much more than just a price,  through quotation process our professionals offer you one stop consultation service including design, manufacturing, molding production, packing and shipping, lead time etc.

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Within 1-2 days we evaluate your part design and provide optimized proposals for better performance and manufacturability, present you the concept of the mold design for initial evaluation.

Once DFM report agreed, the detailed 3D mold design will be completed in 2-3 days.

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Typically mold making takes 3-5 weeks depends on complexity, we provide weekly report with photos and video to keep you updated with each steps of machining job along the whole processing.

mold trail

Once the molds are completed, we will set it up for mold trial to verify the injection mold mechanism functionality and product completeness/accuracy, 5-10 shots free samples will be sent to customers for evaluation.

P02 2 S06 troubleshooting

We might not get 100% prefect injection mold/molded parts at the first time mold trail due to machining, fitting, parameter setting etc., usually it takes 1-2 rounds modification and mold trail before the mold is ready for mass production.

P02 2 S06 mass production

We get into mass production once the mold is verified and sample approved by customers, internal quality acceptance standard will be aligned to the samples approved by customers, mass production lead time depends on the demand quantity, mold production cycle.

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Standard packing method are PE bags and carton box, special case may need extra care and sometimes customized packing method, we provide door to door shipping services at customer’s request by sea freight, air freight and train freight.

P02 2 S06 reorder

We keep your molds in secure storage and do regular maintenance to ensure the mold is immediate ready for your new demands, we keep all production data in records and do repeat orders accordingly to provide you consistently high quality parts from batch to batch.

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Customer Stories

“I have done business with ACO MOLD for almost 3 years now. They are a very professional company with high quality material. Tim who was the representative who has been assisting me for the last few purchases has been very helpful to ensure a smooth process. I would highly recommend ACO MOLD as a supplier for your needs. They have very fast lead times and ship quick.” 

—— Rasmussen

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