Flexibly Serving Many Industries

In serving more than 20 industries, ACO Mold continues to serve various foreign markets and many industries with new and precise mold solutions.

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Agriculture & gardenings

We helped our customers to develop and mass produce plants growing products for smart indoor hydroponic farms...

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Auto accesories

Complex geometry and tight tolerance automotive mold parts with special appearance require excellent mold design and mold manufacturing capabilities...

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Plastic enclosures, housings, frames for most of electronic products are injection molded, there are various of applications...

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Health care

The injection molds we have made to produce parts including medical reaction tubes, detectors, pill making machines, channel plate, food container...

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The injection-molded lamp parts we have made are used in lampshades, display screens, lamp caps...

P04 Fittings connectors

Fittings & connectors

Plastic molded parts for fittings and connectors require accuracy and strength. Our advanced manufacturing equipments and reasonably...

P04 Tranparent parts

Tranparent parts

High-gloss transparent parts require the use of high-grade steel with good polishing performance. The steels we generally use are NAK80...

P04 silicone rubber parts

Silicone rubber parts

Silicone rubber material is available in a wide range of hardness, we utilize compress molding technique to meet low tooling budget...

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