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How We Start and Proceed

From an injection mold order confirmed to completed, we have a standard procedure to follow, it makes both internal and our customers to be always clear about where we are, we garantee the transition of each step are easy and smooth, this is how we we start and compelte your injection mold project:


1. Consultant and quotation

Since our business is all about customize to meet exact demand exclusively, so listen and understand the unique requirements from each our our customers is very important, generally we cooperate in 2 ways: injection mold making only or contract molding( molds+plastic parts), both ways are welcome,actually our sales manager would propose you the better choice for your case or present you both options so you can compare and make right choice,to get a quotation, you must be able to provide or tell:

Basic information



▪3D drawing (STEP, IGS, X-T)
▪2D drwing (PDF, SXF, DWG)
▪Physical samples


▪Demand quantity forecast
▪Application description

Packing requirement

▪Retail packing
▪PE bags+carton box

2. Mold design and manufacturing

Step 1, Kick off meeting, DFM report

Once quotation approved and order confirmed, received finalized 2D/3D part drawings or physical samples from customer, project manager hold kick off meeting to review all datas from customer with mold designers, mold makers, QA manager, PMC. Collect all the information have been discussed, initial first version DFM  report and send it to customer for evaluation.


DFM report contains all the necessary information about part design optimizaiton like proper draft angle, wall thickness analysis,warpage analysis etc, it also determine the concept of mold design and manufacture process, mold design detailed will be disscused and decided such as injection machine adoptation, gating and filling method, ejection, layout of cavitation, mold parting line, cooling line, Special structure features like sliders, angle lifters, finish of mold core and cavity, engraving etc.

Step 2, Injection mold design
After all details in DFM have been discussed through, mold design starts and will be completed and provided to customer within 2-3 days  depends on the complexity and size of the mold.
Mold requirements in details from the customer is welcome.
Step 3, Mold manufacturing
Send mold design to customer for approval,it might take 1-2 rounds back and forth to discuss and determine the detail depends on how much you know the injeciton mold, for contract molding project, you can just leave the details to us, we are responsible for the mold quality.
After mold design approved and deposite, start to order mold steel, mold base, accessories, and then manufacturing process.
A process report will be submitted and show all the manufacturing process planned, we will stick to the plan and provide weekly report to keep you updated with the manufacturing process until it’s completed.
Injection mold making lead time usually 3-6 weeks depends on mold size, complexity.
Step 4, Frist time mold trial out

The first time’s mold trial tell if all the mechanism of mold work properly, geometry of part is correct, we will verify mold cooling system, mold injection system, mold ejection system, filling performance etc, after proper modification, T1 molded plastic samples will be submitted to customer together with dimension report, injection molding parameter, samping report,  normally it is 95%+ of perfection.


Step 5, Improvements and second time trial out
Get feedback for the customer regarding the sample verification, mostly are for functionality, appearance, dimensionally etc , we will do mold moldification to address the mentioned issues one by one, after corrections, apply  the texture/polishing, add engraving etc, remake the samples and send them for final approval.
Ge aim for 1-2 times sampling before injection mold is approved.
Sometimes part design adjustments from the end customers lead to mold modification.
Step 6, Thorough verification piror to shipping
  • A thorough checking before shipping and keep it in record.
  • Do a small automatically run and CPK report study to make sure tooling stability.
  • Ensure no issues while the injection mold runs in our customer’s factory.


Step 7, Packing and preparation for shipping

Packing the mold with wooden box, if the mold shipped by sea, pay specially attention to the vacuum packing to prevent it from getting rusty, Packages include all 2d/3d mold design drawings, NC programming data, copper, spare parts, interchangeable inserts, etc.


Step 8, After serivice

Follow up the work performance of the mold in customers’ factory and provide necessary services.

We provide free replacements or cover the extra cost for any damages occurred due to non-operation causes for export mold.

For injection mold that stays in house for molding production, we provide life time warranty.


3. Molding production

Quality standard established
Set up for injection molding
Quality Audit
Packing and shipping
After service
Injection molding design

According to samples acceptance process,mold engineers create acceptance standard including packing method,material verification, out looking, measurement,tolerance, assembly test, functionality test etc.

Submit acceptance standard report to customer for approval.

injection molding machines

Plastic resin and injection mold preparation,injection machine reservation.

Set up the mold and adjust injection parameter for stable production.

IPQC in the production process according to golden samples/acceptance standard.

T1 sampling

Conduct final inspection according to the acceptance standard established.

Submit inspection report to customer prior to shipping.


We provide various shipping services and terms.

Carton box and pallet packing to ensure safety.

sophie tan

We guarantee consistent high quality.

Reaction on claim immediately, solve problem first,negotiation later.

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