July 14, 2022

How to do mold tryout?

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After we finish assembling a new mold, we need to launch it and do a mold tryout.

The mold designer and mold maker sometimes made mistakes, any small mistakes could lead to major damage of the injection mold, the purpose of mold tryout is to find out any potential defects and ensure the mold perform stable and efficiency during molding production. If the tryout process did not follow reasonable procedures and make the appropriate records, then we cannot guarantee smooth production, this could cause serious problem, it means much higher cost or even delay for mass production.Injection mold trial running

  1. Learn more about the information the mold, study the mold design details and get the responsible mold maker involved in the tryout.
  2. Check the mechanical before loading it to injection machine, make sure there are no missing pieces or loose parts, all moving parts like sliders, ejectors must works properly, cooling line should be through and no leakage.
  3. Choose the appropriate injection molding machine, the choice made base on injection capacity, shot volume, width of the guide bar, clamping force.
  4. Loading the mold, check mechanical action in slow speed, make sure they work properly.
  5. Increase the mold temperature according to specification of raw materials used, some of raw materials need to dry out before processing, check the mechanical action again, it could be different after the mold temperature gets higher due to thermal expansion.
  6. Start the injection test, do the filling step by step to exam the runner balance. there is one basic regulation to follow, adjust only one parameter at one time, this could help us to find out which element is the key factor to influence the result.
  7. After you got the final parameter, continue the molding cycle and last for 30 minutes at least, observe the changes until it gets stable, produce samples required by customer and marked it.
  8. Checking the dimension after the samples are cold down, record the injection parameter.

When you submit the T1 samples to customer, make sure measurement report and injection parameter come along with it.

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