July 14, 2022

How to be a professional injection mold buyer?

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You need to inquire like a professional
As a injection mold manufacturer, we received a lot of inquiries from our website and B2B, an interesting phenomenon is the professional/ potential customers usually very clear about what they need, the information provided by them are very specific, we take serious for this kind of inquiries. On the other hand, inquiries with very little information could be a signal of no intention to purchase; we do not put it in priority. This explains why you get very few replies when you send inquiries to many injection mold manufacturers, you did not inquiry like a professional.

Last week l get an inquiry like this

Good Morning,

Please find the attached cap photos and 2d cap drawing.

Please quote me for 8 and 12 cavity mold.

The final product will be like exactly the photo given to you.

In the drawing there is some features missing.

The drawing is made to give you the idea of dimension roughly.
Mention hot runner brand name and country of origin.

Please send me quote for this product ASAP.

Thanks & Regards

Hasan Amin

What’s the problem of this inquiry? Here is my response:

Hello Hasan
I have some questions to your inquiry, we are not able to provide a precise quotation base on the information we had now.
1, Could you specify the materials? I am guessing PP, is that right?
2, Could you let me know the wall thickness and weight of the part, l can’t see it clear from the draft and photo you sent.
2, do you plan to import the mold to your country for molding production? or you just want to import plastic parts only, the mold stay in china for production?
3, what kind hot nozzle you want to have? There are many types, quality and price of them are different, l am not quit sure of your demands, please specify.
4, If you only want to import plastic parts, could you please let me know the QTY demanded? It’s an important factor to influence the price.

When I pose the article, I still don’t get any replies to the questions I asked, I can only assume that the customers have no intention to purchase plastic parts or injection mold, or they have no idea what they are going to need at all.

A professional injection mold maker always ask questions
All the mold and injection molding project are custom manufacturing project, so it’s not like other common product, the demands are always diverse, injection mold factories need to know the detailed demands of the customer before they can provide the most suitable solution, it’s much more than pricing, it’s a custom made solution.

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