July 14, 2022

How to be a Best Injection Mold Tool Designer?

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To ask about “Best Injection Mold Tool Designer” you must quantify what specific type(s) of tooling you are most interested in. Since this thread is under Injection Molds, I would add that the typical tool designers are experienced with certain industries and thus are familiar with injection mould tools that support products that typically use certain size presses, materials and key processes which complement the product requirements. The skills and experience required for small tool design—–perhaps with shot sizes under 20 grams are quite different from those of large parts. With the advances in injection mold Tooling and Material Technologies, any choice of “Best In Class Designer” must be evaluated based on the proposed assignment. There would also be variations depending on the Class of tooling—Proto, Limited Production or High Volume Production—These 3 categories may also be served best by mold Designers that are Expert and have experience in these areas.

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