July 14, 2022

Germany vs Japanese injection molding machines

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Injection molding machines from both Japan and Germany are expensive and excellent in performance delivery. There are 2 factors dividing them. They are 1. The technology they believe and offer 2. Price.

Technology: Germans are the inventors of Plastic Injection Molding Machines and they started in Hydraulic technologies and continue to believe in the same though they offer Hybrid and All Electric injection molding machines. Again, it is application based as well as the buyer’s belief and interest on German Technology. Beware, on Price.
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On the other hand, the Japanese who bought the knowhow of building the Hydraulic Injection Molding Machines from Germans via JV for more than 2 decades and later invented All Servo Motor driven Injection Molding Machines by completely removing hydraulic components, oil and the cooling water requirement for the machine operation. And proved the same for several application segments before completely knocking down their hydraulic models from production in late 90’s / early 2000. Today, by far, the Japan made All Electric Injection Molding Machines proved the worth of the technology for wide range of applications with its consistent performance and less breakdowns (you can say no breakdowns), Power savings, Increased Productivity (inbuilt Parallel operation), Clean & Calm shop floor atmosphere (No oil, No hydraulic pumps, No Cooling Tower), Bigger Size Mold accommodation (Ex. in a 100Ton, Tiebar space is 460x460mm) Closed loop circuit is a default feature. Incredibly, it sounds great! Isn’t it? Commercially, 40-50% lesser than German hydraulic machines.

The selection is entirely depending upon which type of parts you are molding, what are your quality expectations and which market and customers you are serving in. Because this drives your investment in kind of technology you will make. The technologies for power consumption etc are available for all manufacturers of machines, you need to choose them carefully for your application requirements and costs that you will incur.

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