July 14, 2022

Engineering plastic molded parts

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What is engineering plastic molded parts?
Engineering plastic molded parts are made of engineering plastics, through injection molding process, the engineering plastics, such as ABS, PC, POM, are molded into parts with desired shape and measurement. Parts made of engineering plastics have better mechanical and thermal properties, it can be used as a replacement of metal in many applications, for example, plastic auto parts, medical parts, electronic parts, household parts etc.

List of engineering plastic widely used:

Application of engineering plastic molded parts:
Auto parts such car bumpers, back-seats, handles etc
Medical device
Electronic parts
Household parts

Why use engineering plastic parts?
If you look around, you will find there are many things are used to be made of metal now replaced by engineering plastic, custom molded parts made of engineering plastic have similar properties with metal such as strength, hardness, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, only they are even lighter or cheaper. You will see the engineering plastic molded parts are increasingly used to replace expensive or heavier metal parts.

How to make engineering plastic molded parts?
Engineering plastic molded parts required firstly part design, then you need a mold making company to fabricate an injection mold, at the end, you need an injection molder to mold it. To achieve a good result, it is important to make sure that both the mold maker and molder understand the property of the engineering plastic. Unlike other ordinary plastic parts, the parts made of engineering plastic are supposed to be applicable on many aspects besides dimension or appearance; you need to do some test to make sure there are functional.

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