August 31, 2022

Custom Made Plastic Parts of Glider on Windows

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Plastic injection molded parts have many applications on architecture industrial, such as PVC water pipes, plastic gliders on windows, shelf support, hangers, handles etc. ACO Mold has rich experiences to help customer to customize their own architecture plastic parts.

Here is an example to show you how we work with a North America company from mold design to injection molding production for a glider/slider on windows step by step.
Basic information
Glider size: 0.6×0.5×0.3 inch
Plastic material: PA66+GF30
Finish: SPI-B-2
Color: nature
Demand volume: 10K-20K/ year

Base on the glider size and low demand volume, we design the mold with 16 cavities, core /cavity steel 718H, mold base S50C, mold life guarantee 200K cycles.
DFM report

Before designing the mold, we cross check with customers by DFM report for some important information like, parting line, gate position, ejection, etc. mold design like this simple mold, we take only half a day to complete the whole 3D drawings.
Mold 3D drawing for glider

This is a very simple mold, it takes us only 2 weeks in making it. Of courses, this is a very low cost mold. By the way, as I know, there are many big mold factories would set a minimum consumption for their customers, such as 6000USD or even higher up to 8000USD. We are not following this kind of business way, both high volume and low volume custom plastic molding businesses are welcomed in ACO Mold!
Mold on injection molding machine

As a function parts, the glider does not have high standard requirement on surface finish and tolerance, everything is OK as long as the assembly and functionality is good. The glider/slider samples are approved for mass production immediately after first test.
Custom made glider samples

Take order volume 5000pcs sliders for instance, the molding processing needs only 24 hours, plus the time we need to prepare the raw material and get an 80 ton injection molding machine occupied, all sliders are made in 3 days.
Packed 1000pcs gliders

Tips: custom made plastic parts for buildings usually need to be tough and durable, so the selection of plastic raw materials have to be careful, nylon is very common choice, nylon with some glass fiber added has even higher density and toughness.

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