August 31, 2022

Custom Injection Molding, Custom Plastic Parts

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Why you need custom plastic injection molding services?
Personalized consumer products are always attractive to customers, we all want something new, something special, and we are willing to pay for these creative new products, this motivate the producer keep developing new product, as you know we are about to see iPhone new design now. Custom plastic injection molded parts

If you have a new design or idea which made by plastics, for example, plastic boxes, cups, plastic containers, enclosures, you want to produce and sell it, you are going to need custom injection molding services to manufacture the plastic parts, it has to be designed and made as custom requirement by different companies, to ensure the plastic parts that are functional, great look, correct dimensional and unique.

ACO Mold, one of the top 10 manufacturers of custom injection molds in China, can help you from custom plastic parts design to mold making, injection molding and secondary processes. We take each project as a new challenge and ensure that your custom plastics are made quality-conform and cost effective.

How to make custom plastic parts?
First, you need a company to design custom plastic parts base on your requirements, like ACO Mold, then need a custom made plastic injection mold as a tool to manufacture the plastics. ACO Mold has designers who can create custom plastic parts as well as mold design. We know sometimes the custom plastic parts will have defects like short-shot, deformation, flash, our mold technicians are able to evaluate and predict these potential problems in the kick-off meeting, and we discuss to make sure optimum design and manufacturing way are adopted.

A mold is made from steel that withstand high temperatures and pressure in molding process, during injection molding processes, the plastic will be melted and filled into the mold cavity and then cooled down by cooling system, our mold technicians and quality auditor on site will make sure your custom plastic parts are made conform to the specification with low cost.

How to make custom plastic parts affordable?
A custom plastic part requires a unique design that means customize for each individual company, specially made tooling and professional skill; you need to invest as much intelligent, money and time as it takes to get a quality part. This is the reason why a custom plastic part price is usually higher than a wholesale part, especially when the labor cost in Euro and North America is high. ACO Mold now provides one-step-solution for custom plastic parts in China, and most importantly, we are affordable!

Three Reasons to choose ACO Mold as your custom plastic parts manufacturer in China:

1) Free design
When you start to order custom molded parts, you need to tell us your concept at least if you don’t have any drawings available, our designers are able to build 3D modeling base on your blue print, samples, or even an idea. This part is free of charge as long as it does not require numerical scanning (yes, a complex modeling re-build requires special technical and we have to pay for it to a scanning company).

2) Tooling aim at cost-effective and quality conform
Tooling is one of the biggest parts of the investment, as a mold maker, ACO Mold is able to provide you the best solution for tooling developing. Cost reduction and quality satisfaction are both priority. It does not have to be high CLASS A tooling that guarantees 1 million shorts if the customer only demands 5K production volume, and it does not have to employ hot nozzle or automatic production neither! Every penny saved would benefit your company. Trough tooling design and steel selection, we aim at cost-effective and quality conform.

3) Low cost injection molding
Labor cost here in China is still one of the most critical reasons to make custom plastic parts affordable, a custom plastic part produced in western countries is not going to be cheap unless the volume is big enough to cover the automatic robot investment. Here in China we have more options to design the injection molding process way, no matter semi-automatic or complete manual, our target is make low cost and high quality custom plastics for your companies.

The parts made by ACO Mold include plastic boxes, cups, waterproof enclosures, containers and much more.

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