Decades of Making History in the Mold Making Industry

For two decades, we have developed innovative mold solutions based on our growing understanding of the industry and global market trends.

P05 2 CNC Humble Workshop
Setting Up Our CNC Humble Workshop

We were first established as a CNC machining workshop and committed to providing high-precision machined parts for mold manufactures.

P05 2 Expanding to Contract Molding Services
Injection Mold Manufacturing

Equipped with more facilities and advanced machinery, we began to complete a full set of mold independently.

P05 2 Injection Molds Manufacturing
Expanding to Contract Molding Services

Seeing needs to fill in the industry, we began to expand the scope of our business and one stop contract manufacturing service including mold manufacturing, injection molding, secondary process, packing, and logistic.

P05 2 2010
Moving to a New Location

The rapid economic development has prompted us to expand our small business to move to our new location, increasing our capacity to better meet the demand of our customers.

Growing Global Support

From our successful projects in the domestic market, we were encouraged to pursue global trade. By 2015, we began to export our molds to the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, Poland, and so on, we received many positive comments from new customers.


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