July 14, 2022

China plastic injection mold companies actuality

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Many things go wrong in difference in expectation from those who buy plastic injection molds and those who are selling molds from China. The mind setup in Europe and Unite States are not the same and cross cultural issues are messing with partners relationships. Also many companies from West are not ready for that step and when they come to China it is mostly with wrong expectations.

I spent some time in China and I am not expert in finding a real injection mold manufacturer but I can see the tendencies regarding Western’s “hit and run” projects and Chinese need to make long term orientation. My second point is that in last 3 years situation in world economy has change so much that I am not sure if some Chinese plastic injection mold companies are ready to accept those changes. It is not any more like in old days where you open the window and injection mold orders will fly inside of your office. There is more competition and some of them are not so good as they present them self. I think also that Chinese plastic injection mold companies will have to find out what niche they want to work. It is not possible to be the best in packaging and medical or car and consumable goods. Those requirements are different for different industries and maybe it is better to be one of the best in field of one production and leave it alone the others. Last not least, improvement of the plastic injection mold quality is must and that I think will be also point of difference between those who will survive and who will not.

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