July 14, 2022

China injection molds are NOT cheap any more

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There are so many questions or doubts about injection molding always, especially for some people had good or bad molding experience in China. No matter for good or bad experience in here, no matter you are seller or buyer, I think the most important thing it’s depend on what kind of mold attitude you have? Not focus on how many benefit you will get at the moment, pay attention on the future cooperation.

As internet world rapid development and make world communication more convenience, at same time world trading is also growing. That help more and more Chinese injection mold companies get chance to cooperate with overseas companies, because of China has strong manpower and low payment but it’s already 5years ago after 2008 financial crisis and these year RMB’s value, Chinese company situation has totally change right now, here has no low payment for manpower but the thinking of China from overseas companies don’t think so. Because as economy change most of Chinese companies need to raise employee payment but at same time the PO price from their customers haven’t changed. So those forces a lot of Chinese companies to survival on the risk of save cost for high employee payment from reduce the mold quality.

We all know one point is “No good cheap goods, the goods is not cheap”, however for each mold buyer is want to reduce supplier cost also every time. So from here you can see every people want to save money and get more profit. When people get cheap price with good product (that you think), at other hand what people should think about is the word we mention before. No matter the supplier or the customer is should adjust the attitude for sell or buy thing. The difference between overseas and China mold is attitude for doing things, that’s I learn from my precious customers. Chinese injection mold is not cheap, let’s start with no cheap attitude.

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