June 2, 2022

Injection Tooling Export to UK for Connector Parts

Injection Tooling Export to UK for Connector Parts

Project demand:

My name is Steven ,from UK, I have seen a product that you made for my friend  and was very impressed with the quality, I have never moulded in China before for a few reasons, one reason is if the tool is made and it may need size altering sometimes because the sizes are slightly wrong that there is problem doing this. Second reason is communication issues, but you may speak good English. The product l ask is a connector for window cleaning tool , material is POM , l need 2 injection tools for them :

Tool 1  estimated 20K per year
(New Slick Female 7mm connector)
(New Slick Female 9mm connector) Turnable gate maybe to mould 7mm and 9mm
New Slick Female Cap
New Slick Stop

Tool 2   estimated 400K per year
New Slick Male Cap
New Slick Male Tail

ACO MOLD Solution:

DFM report:
Why You Should Do Prototype002

Initial DFM feedback :

Please find attached T-Zero tooling specification which details our requirements for all tools.
Key things to note include specified fittings for water channels, ejector bar requirements and direct bolt hole locations. Also, and importantly that all tools must include insulation plates. POM tools run at high temperatures and it is important that the tools are insulated in order to achieve this.
I note that the tools are currently specified for 100T machines. I’m not sure why this is but I believe we would mould these on our 35T Engel. Machine details attached.
Having looked quickly at the powerpoints my initial concern would be with regard to the cooling system as there appears to be limited water currently. I would like to understand this in a little more detail if possible as it is crucial for POM to have efficient cooling.
Look forward to hearing from you.

DFM feedback after optimization:

Thank you for your updated DFM. The cooling system now appears to be much more efficient so thank you for this change. I have just two more questions if I may:
1)      Are all of the slides running in hardened wear plates? (we recommend this)
2)      Regarding the ejector pins in the picture below, are these:
A) profiled to follow the radius? – if so could the pins be keyed to ensure alignment
B) flat, leaving steps on the moulding? – if so is this ok for part design Steve?

DFM feedback after optimization

DFM feedback after optimization2

I presume 718H is a pre-harden steel similar to P20H (not hardened) which is fine. We recommend hardened wear plates and rails on sliding movements to prevent steel abrasion and ‘pick-up’ but If you are happy that the tool will achieve 300,000 shots without wear plates this should be ok.

After DFM approved:

Hi Steven, Thank you for quick response. we will start 3D design according to your confirmation, and 3D injection tooling design will send to you for confirmation in three days. Thank you.

Why You Should Do Prototype001
3D design

Tooling completed:
Injection Tooling Export to UK for Connector Parts02

Customer’s Feedback :

Hi Tim,It works well!Thank you and your company for your patience and professionalism!!! It‘s my right choice to cooperate with you.

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