April 6, 2022

Case Name: Injection Molded Enclosures Mounted on Wall

injection molded enclosures mounted on wall

Project demand:

I am writing you because we have a new product underway which needs an enclosure.

The enclosure is meant to be IP65 rated and made from polycarbonate (more specifics on the compound mix is underway), The two plastics parts are approximately 124x61x21 and 120x61x10mm (LxWxH), Since the enclosure is to be IP65 rated, there will be a need for a rubber gasket, this gasket must be able to withstand high temperature range and chemical environments,Initially we’ve chosen EPDM for material, We are not talking very high volume, we estimate around 500 to 1000 pcs. a year.

Screws for the enclosure must be installed when we receive the parts, we have not designed for a specific type but we have some guidelines at hand, for example the screws should be made of A1 or A2 grade stainless steel, not be able to “fall out” of the top enclosure part and have both normal slot and pozi-drive recesses. So we would like to know what you have available so that we can modify our drawings, we’ll need some dialog about this, The enclosure will have two cable glands so there must be drilled and threaded two holes for these (M12 x 1,5)

injection molded enclosures mounted on wall 3D

ACO MOLD Solution:

This is a low volume production project but quality can not be compromised, so we make a steel mold for it within the customers’ budget, to achieve mirror polish part finish, the steel mold surface need to be polished nicely, another challenge is the molding production, PC resin is not easy to process due to melt flow hesitation, especially when the filling distance is too long or wall thickness is too heavy, gating design is vital, we used sub gating at the ejector pin so it allows bigger gate size but no gate mark on visible surface,   process temperature is also important to determine the surface quality, for PC resin, mold temperature setting is little higher than other common resin, typically 70 or even up to 120 degree.

Basic part and injection mold information:
Part name: enclosures
Plastic material: PC
Finish: SPI-A2
Color: light grey
Production volume: 1K
Mold type: 2-Plate
Steel: 738H
Gate type: sub gate
Cavity number: 1+1
Shrinkage: 6/1000
Molding Machine (Tons): 120T
Production volume: 1K
Typical mold feature: unscrew mechanism, insert molding, high glossy,O-ring sealing for water proof

Time lines :
1 day for DFM report
3D days for mold 3D design
25 days for mold manufacturing
1 days for sampling
2 round sample submission for approval
7 days for 1K production
5 days for Express delivery

injection molded enclosures mounted on wall DFM
injection molded enclosures mounted on wall 3D design
3D design
injection molded enclosures mounted on wall production 1
injection molded enclosures mounted on wall production 2

Customer’s Feedback :

Hi Tim

You’re brilliant! 

The pictures looks very good, I’ve forwarded the invoice to my boss who is very satisfied with your engagement in our project.

He told me that you appear very professional and seem to care much about what you do which is both a compliment to you (and me for choosing the right mold manufacturer for our project), thank you. 🙂

Best regards, Ask.

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