Aco Mold Case Study

This is a plastic protective case for an electronic product, made by ABS, here we share with you the injection mold making process and some solid experiences to fix sink mark defects.

This is a transparent plastic lid for electronic product, it is a quite simple but yet typical one.Annual production capacity was 1000K, we used 1*4 mold design.

Here is an example to show you how we work with a North America company from mold design to injection molding production for a glider/slider on windows step by step.

it’s a type of a remote controller with silicone cover for a US company, project went smooth but I would like to summarize it and point out a few key points.

Here is an example we have made for one of our clients from US. This is a mesh basket, at the beginning, the customer decided to go with high temperature ABS material.

This is an electrical switch plastic holder, the material is PC-ABS. Considering the holder outer surface are visible, we used sub gate design at the plastic holder’s edge position.

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