High quality molds start with a great mold design, injection mold design determine massively the the mold capabilities, performance, production costs, and manufacturing process etc, in Aco mold, mold design is a standarderlized procedure lead by our excellent mold design team who has averagely more than 15 years experiences, we go through all details with our customers from DFM to MOLD design drawings to ensure the best mold solution are present, including resin property,finish,cavity layout, parting line,proper draft, gating method, cooling channels,special mechanisms, ejection method,machine adaptation, accessories etc, We consider a success mold design work must be:

Optimal productivity for demand

Low manufacturing cost

Easy to maintain

Our design /engineering technologies include:

  • Pro/Engineer/UG (3D Modeling)
  • AutoCad (2D layout)
  • Moldflow analysis (Plastic flow/deform simulation)
  • MasterCam (CNC Programming)
aco mold design

Design For Manufacturing (DFM)

Design for manufacturing (DFM) evaluation review occurs both internally as well as with customers, proposal of part design optimization, mold, injection molding options are present by Aco mold design team and discussed with customers to decide the best solution to meet production demand,we provide the customer with feasibility report for part design optimization before mold design, DMF procedure can help to avoid unnecessary mold modifications and extra cost and time at later stage.


design for manufacturability

Mold Flow Analysis

Mold flow analysis can figure out mold and molding risks that may exist in advance, it can help to evaluate the possible filling method and determine the most porper hot runner solution and identify potential defects such as shrinkage issues, location of the knit line, warpage, insights of how to improve the cooling efficiency and shorten the injection molding cycle time as much as possible, a definite advantage to complex molds and  mass production mold making.

Injection Mold Design

Mold design made based on what have been established at the DFM and mold flow analysis stage, 2D & 3D mold drawing will be provided for approval by customer before cutting steel,typically it takes 1-2 for DFM report and then 2-3 days for mold design depends on the size and complexity, since injection mold is customization manufacturing, so eiher DFM or mold design,it requires efforts from both sides to achieve the best results.

mold design service

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