July 14, 2022

Benefits of injection molding facility equipping tool room

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Without doubt having own fully equipped tool room in plastic injection molding company has huge benefits over the years in terms of winning new customers and not just for injection mold tooling. We often describe the tool room as the “heart” of the business as although it’s only a small part of our companies turnover it’s what is produced in there that goes onto to contribute to that turnover. We need to make injection molds that run at a predicted cycle times and that don’t cause a problem in the mold shop so we cannot compromise on the quality.

We provide each tool with up to a ten year warranty for peace of mind to our customers so they have to be constructed right from day 1. We don’t offer sub contract injection mold making however every mold we make runs in our mold shop. The tool room provides us with the opportunity to modify customers tooling without delay and provide a preventative maintenance schedule a bit like servicing for your car. If you haven’t got a tool room it’s pretty unlikely you will have to have a design studio kitted out with the latest Moldflow simulation software or even a 3d modelling machine whirring away in the corner as we have. I guess when you show a potential customer around it’s a bit like selling your house. We try and create a stream of wow factors with the tool room perhaps creating the biggest wow of all.

It is always best combination to have tool room and plastic part producing facility under one management. We are a company in China having only injection mold making facility at one location and component manufacturing facility at other location, though just five minutes away from each other. Here the advantage is that some customers come to us only to buy molds while some customers are interested in buying molds and plastic parts. Also tool room engineers have a different way of thinking while a production engineer thinks differently. So it is better that these two facilities are kept separate.

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