In Addition to Plastic Injection Molding We Also Provide Additional Value-added Services to Produce High-quality Products. Injection molded parts have some plastic molding secondary processing that will make injection molded parts look better, or have more information or special surface finish requirements.

We help our clients to manage secondary process includes oil painting, silk printing, lasering,  electroplating and assembly, from design to final product, our one stop service help you to avoid dealing with too many unverified resources at the same time, and minimize risk of quality issue.

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Electroplating (Chrome plating)

The purpose of plastic molding electroplating: 1. Corrosion protection 2. Protective decoration 3. Wear resistance 4. Electrical properties: According to the working requirements of the parts, provide coatings with conductive or insulating properties.

Silk printing

Silk Printing

Electronic products, especially digital cameras, MP4, televisions, computers, instrument panels, etc., have high requirements for appearance. After the development of plastic silk printing, it has brought convenience to the decoration of electronic products.



Lasering is a process of surface treatment. Similar to screen printing and pad printing, it can print words or patterns on plastic products.But in contrast, lasering has the advantages of faster marking speed, more beautiful image marking, higher resolution, never wear, and strong anti-counterfeiting.


Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic welding is a widely recognized and accepted process for joining thermoplastic materials. It offers many advantages, including process reliability and repeatability, lower energy usage than other joining technologies, material savings (since no consumables such as glue or mechanical fasteners are required), and labor savings.

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