July 14, 2022

Asiamold Exhibition

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Asiamold Exhibition has established its position as one of the world’s most famous exhibition for mold manufacturing, processing, design and application development. As Asia’s leading mold exhibition, 2014 Asiamold Exhibitors and the number of visitors increased significantly, reflecting the exhibition provides a great extent, from design to molding and an one-stop solution for volume production. 320 exhibitors from 14 countries and regions participated, 10% increasing compare with 2013, visitors were 15,262, 22% higher than last year, 13,424 were domestic visitors, from 45 countries and regions, 1,838 overseas visitors, from 45 countries and regions, attend the event.

The visitors comes from many different kind of industries:
Automotive industry, aerospace, shipbuilding, equipment engineering, general engineering, household appliances and technology, electrical and electronics industry, IT industry, telecommunications industry, packaging technology, consumer goods, toys, industrial, sports and leisure, bicycles, furniture, beauty consumer products, medical / optical / chemical industry, construction services, clocks and watches, jewelry, lighting, optics industry, green building, machine tools, etc. Mold manufacturers, technology providers, design engineers, process manufacturers, parts suppliers, tooling and prototype production.

Plenty of products have been presented in Asiamold exhibition, the exhibits includes:

Mold manufacturing, processing
Precision molds, plastic molds, die casting molds, injection molds, precision machining tools, auxiliary materials, molding and prototyping, rapid production, progressive die, hot runner, mold production and processing consulting.

Design, engineering, application development
Design, simulation, visualization, mold development and engineering technology, virtual reality, products, technology and testing, measuring instruments, CAD / CAM, rapid prototyping, 3D printing.

Casting and Die Casting
Die-casting equipment, casting / casting raw materials, industrial automation, mold manufacturing technology, foundry equipment and industrial furnace technology.

Metal processing and manufacturing
Metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, machine tools, honing, grinding, polishing and super finishing tools, other tools, metalworking facilities, metal timber.

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