July 14, 2022

Advantages of Single supplier for molding and tooling

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In today’s fast moving product schedules it is a key factor to coordinate tooling and molding activities. If the molding capacity requirements are high volume—-perhaps greater than 1 million parts per month, it is a big advantage to partner with a company that offers Tooling and Molding under one roof. The advantages are many and can be captured in time and costing.

Dealing with a single supplier for all the elements of tooling and molding also allows you to have more negotiating power and opens up options that you would not have when dealing with multiple suppliers separately. Dealing with one supplier also eliminates “The Blame Game”—-or finger pointing when things go wrong. A single supplier has FULL responsibility!! As an example; I have contracted for many tools over the years with Quality Tool Shops—–Only to be redirected to place those tools into Molding facilities that were not capable of running those tools due to incompatibility with molding presses that required other tooling features to comply.

Molds are like a Car, when you let it run in 60-80 miles, you could not find any issue, but when it drives over 120 miles, something will be happened. So good quality new mold, how to check the quality, and capability is the main question. Good quality molds could produce the nice plastic parts. Also in very lower cost. Normally scientific molding could find the issues at the beginning when one new mould is ready and start to be put into the production!

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